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How do Set Up interactive brokers automated trading?

Interactive brokers automated trading

As the financial markets evolve and technology continues redefining how we engage with them, the allure of interactive brokers automated trading becomes increasingly irresistible. 

It can be claimed that the world of trading in the digital age beckons us with promises of efficiency and opportunity.

In this article, we want to explore interactive brokers’ automated trading. Much like our previous explorations, we are driven by curiosity and the desire to understand how this innovative tool can revolutionize our trading experience. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, join us in uncovering the secrets of automated trading with Interactive Brokers.

Is it a good idea to use automated trading?

In financial markets, the allure of automated trading beckons, promising efficiency, speed, and profit potential. However, the question lingers: Is it wise to begin automated trading with interactive brokers?

At its core, automated trading relies on algorithms and software to execute trades on your behalf, often in the blink of an eye. 

This approach offers the advantage of removing emotional biases from trading decisions, leading to a disciplined strategy.

However, like any financial endeavor, it is not without its caveats. The pitfalls of interactive brokers automated trading can be treacherous if not approached with caution. 

Rapid market fluctuations, technical glitches, and unforeseen events can wreak havoc on automated systems. Ultimately, the decision hinges on your trading goals, risk tolerance, and level of expertise.

For some, automated trading can be a valuable tool, allowing them to execute complex strategies 24/7. For others, the allure of hands-on trading may hold greater appeal. 

The key lies in informed decision-making, combining the strengths of automation with human wisdom.

How to use interactive brokers automated trading? 

How to use interactive brokers automated trading?

Navigating the world of automated trading with Interactive Brokers can seem complex, but with this step-by-step guide, you’ll be well on your way to harnessing its power effectively.

  • Step 1

Begin by creating interactive brokers automated trading account. Provide the necessary information, complete the verification process, and fund your account.

  • Step 2

Access the Interactive Brokers trading in tradingview alternative platform. Familiarize yourself with the user-friendly interface.

  • Step 3

Choose the right social trading tools that align with your trading goals. Interactive brokers automated trading offers a wide array of resources to suit various strategies.

  • Step 4

Develop your trading strategy. Define your goals, risk tolerance, and desired outcomes. Determine whether you’ll use pre-built algorithms or create your own.

  • Step 5

Thoroughly test your algorithm using historical data. Evaluate its performance under different market conditions.

  • Step 6

Implement risk management measures, including setting stop-loss orders, position sizing, and diversifying your portfolio.

  • Step 7 

Configure your automated trading system based on your strategy. Set entry and exit criteria, specify trade sizes, and activate your algorithm.

  • Step 8

Continuously monitor your automated trades. Keep a watchful eye on market developments and be prepared to make adjustments as needed.

  • Step 9

Regularly review your strategy’s performance. Analyze wins and losses to fine-tune your approach.

  • Step 10

Stay informed about market trends, news, and updates that could impact your trades.(leverage trading crypto for beginners)

Risk management key considerations when using automated trading

Starting an automated trading process involves profit potential and understanding the critical importance of risk management. 

Here is a guide to navigating these essential considerations.

Risk management key considerations when using automated trading

  1. Risk Awareness

Begin by understanding the risks involved in interactive brokers automated trading. Familiarize yourself with market volatility, system failures, and potential losses.

  1. Diversification

Diversify your portfolio across different asset classes. This helps spread risk and reduces exposure to a single market’s fluctuations.

  1. Position sizing

Determine the appropriate size for each trade relative to your account size. Avoid over-leveraging, which can lead to substantial losses.

  1. Stop-Loss orders

Set up stop-loss orders to limit potential losses. Define the price level at which you will exit a trade if it moves against you.

  1. Risk-reward ratio

Calculate the risk-reward ratio for each trade. Ensure potential gains outweigh potential losses.

  1. Regular monitoring

Continuously monitor your automated trading system. Stay vigilant for unexpected market events that may require immediate action.

  1. Adaptability

Be prepared to adapt and fine-tune your strategy. Automated systems may need adjustments as market conditions change.

  1. Technology Utilization

Leverage risk management tools provided by your trading platform like tradingview discord. These can help automate risk mitigation processes.

  1. Data analysis

Regularly analyze trading data. Assess the effectiveness of your risk management strategies and make improvements as needed.

10. Education and updates

Stay informed about trading developments and market news. Continuous learning is key to staying ahead in the world of automated trading.


In conclusion, as we navigate the exhilarating world of interactive brokers automated trading, we discover both the boundless opportunities and the potential pitfalls. 

It is a dynamic landscape where technology meets strategy, and risk management is the cornerstone of success. 

Have you ventured into automated trading, and what strategies have yielded the best results for you? 

Your experiences could be invaluable to our growing community of traders. Below is your wisdom about “How to Set Up Automated Trading in Interactive Broker?”!

How to Add Polygon to MetaMask OpenSea?

How to add polygon to Metamask?

How to add polygon to Metamask? In today’s digital world, things are always changing. You might have heard about Polygon if you have explored the Metaverse and dabbled in NFTs on OpenSea. 

Think of it as a new and helpful tool in your crypto toolkit, like when we first learned about Bitcoin in 2009.

This article is here to make it easy for you. We will walk through how to add Polygon to MetaMask and OpenSea accounts. 

By the end, you will have the know-how to use this tech and discover new possibilities in the Metaverse. 

Understanding Polygon: A Quick Overview

Polygon, often called the game-changer in the crypto world, deserves a closer look. It is not some arcane concept; think of it as a powerful tool to supercharge your crypto endeavors. 

So, what is Polygon all about? Simply put, it is a solution that makes your transactions on the blockchain faster and cheaper, and who doesn’t love that? Do you know how to connect Metamask to website or wallets?

Imagine it as a turboboost for your MetaMask and OpenSea experience. It is like upgrading your regular bike to a sleek, high-speed motorcycle. 

How to Add Polygon to MetaMask OpenSea?

Let’s kick off this journey to Polygon-powered glory by ensuring you’ve got MetaMask at your fingertips. 

If you are new to this, do not worry; we are here to guide you through every step to know how to add Polygon to MetaMask:

  • Step 1: Installing MetaMask

Installing MetaMask

First, ensure you have a web browser (like Chrome or Firefox) installed on your computer. Now, open it up and head to the MetaMask website. You will see an option to “Install MetaMask.” Click it!

  • Step 2: Adding the extension

Clicking that button will take you to your browser’s extension store. Go ahead and click “Add to Chrome” (or your browser’s equivalent). You will be prompted to confirm the installation. Click “Add Extension.”

  • Step 3: Creating or accessing your wallet

Creating or accessing your wallet

Now that you have MetaMask, open it from your browser’s extensions. If you already have a wallet, you can import wallet to Metamask it’s using your seed phrase. If not, you can create a new wallet right there.

  • Step 4: Securing your wallet

Securing your wallet

MetaMask will guide you through setting a strong password and provide you with a secret backup phrase. Make sure to keep this backup phrase somewhere safe and private. It is your key to the kingdom.

  • Step 5: You are in!

You are in metamask

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a MetaMask wallet. It is like having your digital vault for cryptocurrencies. 

In the next steps, we will link it up with Polygon and OpenSea, opening the door to exciting possibilities in the Metaverse. Stay tuned!

Tips tricks for adding a Polygon network to MetaMask

All right, you have taken the first steps toward the Polygon-Metamask fusion, and now it’s time to get the gears turning smoothly. 

Here are some wise tips and tricks to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible:

Backup your wallet (Again)

It might sound repetitive, but it’s worth emphasizing. Before tinkering with network settings, double-check that you have a secure backup of your MetaMask wallet’s seed phrase. Better safe than sorry!

Adding the Polygon mainnet

To connect with USDT polygon Metamask, go to your MetaMask extension and click on the network selection dropdown (where it says “Main Ethereum Network”). Choose “Custom RPC” to manually add the Polygon Mainnet. 

Managing tokens

After adding the Polygon network, you might not see your tokens right away. No worries! Click on “Add Token” within MetaMask, and paste the token contract address of the specific tokens you want to manage on the Polygon network. They’ll appear in your wallet.

Avoiding scams

Be cautious when handling your wallet’s private keys, especially when adding custom networks. Only use official sources for network details to avoid potential scams.

Test transactions

Before sending substantial amounts of cryptocurrency, consider making a small test transaction to ensure everything works correctly. This practice can save you from costly mistakes (How to Cash Out from MetaMask?).

Staying updated

The crypto world evolves rapidly. Keep an eye on news and updates related to Polygon and MetaMask to stay informed about any changes or improvements.

Seek community help

Do not hesitate to seek advice from the crypto community if you encounter issues or have questions. Online forums and social media groups are valuable resources for troubleshooting.

Security is paramount

Always prioritize security. Use hardware wallets for large sums and employ best practices for online safety. Scammers are always on the prowl, so stay vigilant.

To sum up 

How to add polygon to Metamask? Do you know about Polygon NFT minting cost?

Adding Polygon to your MetaMask for OpenSea opens up opportunities in the ever-expanding Metaverse. 

With faster transactions, lower fees, and a vibrant ecosystem, you are poised for a seamless crypto journey. But remember, the crypto space is always evolving. 

What exciting developments do you foresee in the Polygon-Metamask-OpenSea guide trio? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Al Brooks Trading Price Action Trends

trading price action trends

Traders must have a relative understanding of market dynamics, trading price action trends, chart patterns, and the psychology of market trends to make profits.

One of the most popular names among traders is Al Brooks, who is one of the best in this market. His approach to trading price action trends has made him famous as a successful forex trader.

In this article, we discuss trading price action trends and strategies provided by Al Brooks; stay with us.

Trading price action trends review

Al Brooks got a lot of attention and made a lot of noise in the forex world with his book Price Action Trading Trends. Let’s review best book to learn forex trading and briefly describe its chapters:

1. Forex trading philosophy

Forex trading philosophy

Do you know about average forex trader income? His emphasis on reading raw price action, rather than solely focusing on indicators, provides a fresh perspective for traders.

By focusing on the purest form of market data, Brooks encourages a more intuitive understanding of price action.

2. Chart analysis

In his book, Brooks makes this section charmingly easy to understand. In this section, the chart analysis method is explained.

Teaches techniques for key support and resistance levels to identify trend reversals.

3. Psychology in Forex

Trading is not only about numbers and charts, and one of the most influential issues in the process of profit or loss is the correct understanding of market psychology.

In this section, he discusses the importance of discipline, patience, and emotional control. Brooks provides valuable insights on how traders can avoid common mental traps and fears and maintain their composure.

4. Effective method in the real market

Brooks’s approach in this section is very attractive; he explains and examines efficient and very useful methods in all fields, from stocks to forex and commodities.

Trading price action trends pdf

Trading price action trends pdf

Al Brooks’ approach to trading price action trends in the forex market gave traders a better understanding and is among the most popular books written in this field.

Brooks emphasizes risk management, helping to preserve capital and minimize loss, and the Al Brooks Method became popular for its simplicity yet practicality.

Al Brooks’ methods are applicable to different instruments and timeframes, and their flexibility allows traders to adapt their strategies to different market conditions.

This approach can increase traders’ profits and allow traders to make informed decisions in different time frames.

Moreover, price action analysis can provide early entry and exit signals that can significantly help you in profit and loss.

Mastering price action analysis can be challenging and takes time and practice to master. This method requires strong emotional discipline to avoid wrong and emotional trading decisions.

Also, some social trader tools may find it difficult to execute this strategy correctly during periods of low liquidity when price movements are erratic.

Although Al Brooks Forex trading price action trend analysis provides a practical and effective approach to trading, it may have its complexities and may not be suitable for all occasions.

Al Brooks trading price action trends PDF.

How to forex trade for beginners on phone? Before reading Al Brooks’ book, it’s important to consider your business experience and goals.

This book is suitable for intermediate to advanced traders who have a basic understanding of trading concepts and are looking to refine their price action analysis skills. Not recommended for absolute beginners.

Trading price action trends are suitable for traders who prefer a discretionary and chart-based approach to trading.

If you prefer reading price action rather than relying heavily on indicators or automated systems, this book is a valuable resource.

It is also suitable for traders who understand the importance of risk management and trading psychology in their strategies.

Al Brooks’s book is divided into comprehensive chapters, each focusing on specific aspects of price trading. Start by reading the introduction to get an overview of Brooks’ approach. Then, review the chapters in sequence.

To properly understand trading price action trends, it is important to supplement your reading with practice.

It should be noted that you should be careful when searching for free PDF versions of books, as they may violate copyright laws.

It is recommended that you purchase a legal copy to support the author’s work and ensure access to the most up-to-date information.


Trading Price Action Trends by Al Brooks provides a comprehensive insight into the world of trading and emphasizes the importance of market understanding, chart patterns, and psychological factors to profitability.

His book covers a range of topics, from chart analysis to risk management and emotional control. Brooks provides practical techniques for identifying support and resistance levels that are essential for spotting trend reversals.

It also examines price action analysis, chart interpretation, and the importance of market psychology. His approach may not be suitable for all traders, especially those looking for strict rules and indicators.

This requires emotional discipline, which can be difficult during periods of low liquidity. This resource is suitable for intermediate to advanced traders with a thorough understanding of trading principles.

You can also buy Al Brooks trading price action trends PDF from reliable sources.

How to Get a Job as a Remote Forex Trader? 

How to get forex trading jobs?

How to get forex trading jobs? The forex trading job beckons with promises of financial independence and the freedom to work from anywhere. 

Just like other freelancing jobs, starting a career as a remote forex trader is a path filled with curiosity and excitement.

How to find employment in forex trading remains a pressing issue. Here, we’ll take a tour of this exciting field of work together, delving into the tactics, expertise, and openings that may lead to your success as a remote forex trader. 

Are you prepared to begin working as a foreign exchange trader and learn how to get a job as a remote forex trader? Get started with me!

Is Forex trading the best job in the world?

Whether forex trading is the best job in the world depends on one’s perspective, skills, and goals. 

It offers several enticing advantages, such as the potential for financial independence, flexibility in work hours, and the opportunity to trade from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Forex trading can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for individuals with a deep understanding of the market, strong analytical skills, and a disciplined approach.

However, it is essential to acknowledge the associated risks. 

Forex trading is highly volatile and speculative, with the potential for substantial financial losses. 

Success in this field requires continuous learning, emotional resilience, and adapting to ever-changing market conditions from a teenager period such as 17 year old forex gods.

Forex trading may be your best option if you have a high-risk tolerance and want a job that allows you to work from anywhere and anytime! 

Is Forex trading a full-time or part-time job?

The decision to engage in forex trading on a full-time or part-time basis hinges on many factors, each as unique as the traders themselves. 

For some, plunging into the forex world full-time represents a dedicated pursuit of financial freedom and career independence. 

It allows them to immerse themselves entirely in the markets, staying attuned to every fluctuation and opportunity.

Conversely, many opt for part-time trading to supplement their existing income or gradually ease into the world of Forex, but How to get forex trading jobs?!

This approach offers the benefit of reduced financial risk and greater flexibility. 

It permits individuals to maintain stability in their primary careers or personal lives while reaping the rewards of forex trading.

Choosing between full-time and part-time forex trading ultimately boils down to your financial goals, risk tolerance, and lifestyle preferences. 

Both paths have merits and drawbacks; some traders even strike a balance. 

Ultimately, the decision should align with your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Can forex trading be chosen as a job?

Can forex trading be chosen as a job?

Forex trading can unquestionably be chosen as a viable career path, but How to get forex trading jobs? This decision demands careful consideration and dedication. 

Many traders have transformed their passion for financial markets into a full-fledged profession. 

As we mentioned earlier, the attractiveness of Forex as a job lies in its potential for substantial earnings, location independence, and the ability to set one’s working hours.

However, it is imperative to recognize that success in forex trading does not come easily. 

It necessitates continuous learning, a thorough understanding of market dynamics, risk management skills, and a disciplined approach. 

Aspiring traders should be prepared for a learning curve and the possibility of financial setbacks.

How to get forex trading jobs?

Beginning a career in forex trading and reach to first class forex funds requires a well-thought-out strategy to secure a trading position. 

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, the process involves specific steps and considerations:

1- Skill development

Start by honing your trading skills. Mastering technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading strategies is essential. Consider enrolling in trading courses or reading reputable books on the subject.

2- Create a trading plan.

Develop a clear trading plan that outlines your goals, risk tolerance, and preferred trading style. A well-defined plan demonstrates your commitment to potential employers.

3- Demo trading

Practice your strategies on forex demo accounts

How to get forex trading jobs with Practice strategy? Do you know about how much does the average forex trader make?

So with power, practice your strategies on demo accounts to build a track record and gain confidence in your abilities.

4- Network

Attend trading seminars and webinars, and connect with fellow traders online. Networking can lead to job opportunities and valuable insights.

5- Job search

Explore job listings on trading platforms, financial websites, and trading firms. Tailor your resume to highlight your skills and achievements.

6- Interview Preparation

Be prepared for interviews. Showcase your knowledge, trading experience, and ability to handle high-pressure situations.

7- Continuous learning

Stay updated with market trends and news. Demonstrating your commitment to ongoing learning is appealing to potential employers.

Sum it up 

Forex trading is a dynamic and potentially lucrative field with opportunities and challenges. 

Whether you choose it as a full-time career or a part-time pursuit, success hinges on your dedication, continuous learning, and risk management skills. 

Now, what are your thoughts on forex trading as a career choice? Do you know How to get forex trading jobs? Share your thoughts in the comments.

What Size Image is an NFT?

NFT image size

What is NFT image size? Usually, square NFTs, which are mostly measured in 1000×1000 pixels or 1080×1080 pixels, are among the most popular sizes.

NFTs are one of the most controversial events in cyberspace that have created a huge transformation in art and the sale of works of art.

But an important question may arise for artists and those who intend to enter this market: what is NFT image size?

In this post, we’ll look at the NFT image dimensions and explain how this affects an image’s utility and value in the digital market.

So, stay with us to get your questions answered, whether you’re an artist, a collector, or just curious about the NFT environment.

What is the typical size in dimensions of an NFT?

NFTs have gained significant popularity in all industries, including art, entertainment, and collectibles.

They are used to symbolizing digital art, music, video, virtual real estate, in-game items, and other digital or physical assets.

But, an important issue for NFT makers or even buyers is the NFT image size.

In the world of NFT, artists can freely choose any dimension that best displays their works, and there is no limit to the size of art.

Unlike traditional art forms, where canvases come in predefined sizes, the digital canvas is unlimited. However, some dimensions are common standards in the NFT bubble market.

Usually, square NFTs, which are mostly measured in 1000×1000 pixels or 1080×1080 pixels, are among the most popular sizes.

This square size can present a beautiful aspect of the works; it is also compatible with all types of screens, and this has made it a popular size for collectors.

Of course, it should be noted that art and creativity in the world of NFT have no boundaries, and artists often present their works with unconventional dimensions.

Some prefer panoramic views, while others opt for tall, vertical compositions. Dimensions can range from 1920×1080 pixels for wide NFTs to 1080×1920 pixels for portrait pieces.

It should be noted that while these common dimensions exist, there are no explicit rules and standards for the size of NFTs.

The flexibility of digital art has allowed artists to choose the size that best suits their artistic expression and vision.

On the other hand, when buying NFTs (buy NFTs on avalanche), collectors should consider how and where to display their coins.

Make sure your NFTs are the appropriate size for your display space if you intend to showcase your collection on a website or in a virtual gallery.

Compatibility with the Metaverse or virtual world in which you intend to display your NFTs is also a key consideration.

What is NFT image size?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, what is the NFT image size? It does not exist, but as we told you, it is a standard. Selection and size of NFT works for each artist, and anyone can have a separate standard.

In the following, we will explain to you completely what is the NFT image size. And how to choose the best size for NFT? How to create NFT art?

Understanding the dimensions of the NFT image

Understanding the dimensions of the NFT image

What exactly are NFT image dimensions, and why do they matter? NFT image dimensions refer to the width and height of the digital image associated with a non-fungible token. It is essentially a digital canvas on which NFT’s unique artwork is painted.

1. The art of aspect ratio

Aspect ratios play a fundamental role in determining how an NFT image is displayed and understood. Artists usually choose certain ratios to achieve the desired visual effect. Whether square, cinematic widescreen, or portrait style, each aspect ratio has its artistic significance.

2. Pixels, sharpness & resolution

Pixels are the building blocks of digital images, and their density affects image quality. In this step, we’ll look at how pixel count and image resolution contribute to the clarity and detail of an NFT image.

3. Display mode

One of the important points for choosing the size of NFTs is to observe the presentation points of each style of work. It is very effective and important to observe the demonstration points and pay attention to them.

4. Collectors view

As collectors, it is important to understand the size of the NFT image from our perspective. Explore how the dimensions of NFTs affect their attractiveness, beauty, and value.

5. Special dimensions

Do not be afraid of choosing specific dimensions; try to be creative with cool NFT ideas and your artwork in dimensions.


Artists and collectors in this market may often be faced with the question of what the NFT image size should be.

While there are no hard and fast rules, some common standards include square formats such as 1000×1000 pixels or 1080×1080 pixels, which are used for visual appeal and screen compatibility.

However, the digital canvas has no limitations; artists have the freedom to choose the sizes that suit their artistic vision.

Collectors should also consider the size of NFTs in relation to display spaces and virtual platforms.

Are there any other NFT image sizes? What is the best NFT art and images guide? If you know, we would be grateful to share them with us in the comment below!

How to Earn Money on DTube?

Earn money on dtube token

Curious about how to earn money on DTube through its native token, DTC (DTube Coins)? DTube presents a distinctive opportunity to transform your online activities into a source of income.

By sharing your content and engaging in the voting process, you can begin accumulating DTube Coins (DTC).

Let’s proceed to explain what DTube is and its features and delve into strategies that can assist you in earning money in DTube tokens.

What is dtube?

To truly understand the nature of DTube, it is necessary to take a step back and understand its roots in Steemit, a blockchain-based social network that emerged in July 2016.

DTube, which stands for Decentralized Tube, is a video platform similar to its famous counterpart, YouTube. However, DTube differentiates itself from other video-sharing platforms by using blockchain technology to enable content creators to earn money on Dtube tokens or DTC (D. Tube Coins).

But the question of many of you is how to earn money on DTube. It’s very simple: users contribute by submitting content and actively participating through voting, which collects DTC tokens.

These tokens have intrinsic value, exemplified by the fact that one million DTCs were quickly sold in the initial token sale at $0.10 per DTC.

Another notable aspect is its reliance on advanced decentralized technologies such as IPFS, BTFS, and Skynet for video uploads. These videos are subsequently published on various social blockchains, including Hive, Steem, and Avalon, ensuring a decentralized and censorship-resistant environment.

Which is best, YouTube or Dtube?

If you are torn between creating content for YouTube or DTube and unsure which one is the better choice, let’s continue our examination of these two enticing platforms.

The decision between them boils down to understanding the nuances that set them apart, especially concerning the potential to earn money on dtube tokens.

YouTube, as the elder statesman of video-sharing platforms, boasts an extensive range of content covering virtually every conceivable topic. It is a platform where you can find videos on just about any subject you can imagine.

However, DTube stepped into the spotlight with its unique approach. Positioned as one of the finest privacy-oriented video content platforms, DTube offers a fresh alternative for both content creators and viewers.

DTube stepped into the spotlight with its unique approach

Unlike YouTube, where videos are stored on centralized servers, DTube adopts a decentralized approach. Privacy-conscious users are drawn to DTube because of its data security and user control benefits.

In contrast, YouTube, as a centralized platform owned by Google, raises particular privacy concerns. DTube stores all content on the blockchain, ensuring data security and privacy. Monetization is another critical factor. YouTube allows creators to earn money through ads and subscribers.

In contrast, DTube introduces an innovative monetization model where users can earn money on Dtube tokens. Privacy holds great significance in the digital age, and DTube’s privacy-focused approach empowers users with more control over their data and content.

In contrast, YouTube, while serving as a platform for content sharing, raises data privacy concerns due to its centralized nature and Google ownership. Ultimately, the choice between YouTube and DTube depends on your preferences. Do you know about YouTube NFTs?

Where to buy Dtube tokens?

Knowing where to trade and buy DTC is very important for anyone looking to make money with this unique digital currency.

Let’s outline the common ways to buy it below:

1. Digital currency exchanges

To earn money on tokens, you can trade or buy them through exchanges. These exchanges, including platforms such as Binance(Binance gas fee), KuCoin, and Bittrex, offer the option to trade DTC.

2. Token sale & ICO

Another approach is to participate in the initial DTube token sale or initial coin offering (ICO). These events are often organized to distribute tokens to participants and raise funds for the project.

3. Peer-to-peer transactions

For a more direct approach, consider engaging in peer-to-peer social trading tools. Platforms like localbitcoins.com or localcryptos.com facilitate these transactions and enable you to buy DTC directly from other DTC users.

How to buy a dtube token?

How to buy a dtube token?

If you are a DTube user, it is essential to understand how to purchase DTube tokens and potentially earn money through these digital assets.

Here is a straightforward guide to help you get started to earn money on Dtube:

· Cryptocurrency exchange

Begin by selecting a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that offers DTube Tokens (DTC).

· Fund your account

Deposit the cryptocurrency or fiat currency of your preference. Commonly accepted cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

· Place your order

Navigate to the DTC trading pair and execute your order to buy DTube tokens. You can choose between market orders (acquiring tokens at the current market price) and limit orders (specifying the price at which you wish to purchase).

Earn Money on DTube

This article examines how to earn money on the token, which is a decentralized video platform.

DTube offers a privacy-focused and decentralized content approach that differentiates it from YouTube, and the choice between YouTube and DTube comes down to personal preference.

To acquire DTC, you can use cryptocurrency exchanges, participate in token sales or ICOs, or participate in peer-to-peer transactions.

A guide to buying DTube tokens is also provided.

Do you know the other ways to web3 earn money on Dtube? We would be grateful if you could share it with us in the comments below!

The best ChatGPT Trading Bot in 2024

ChatGPT Trading Bot

Using artificial intelligence does not only happen in science fiction movies anymore; today, we can see ChatGPT trading bots are finally applied and can help us with many purposes.

Among all the things they can do, people love how they are good at complicated stuff and can almost do whatever humans hate to do.

Have you ever used any of them? Do you know that ChatGPT is a crypto trading bot? How about making one for free using artificial intelligence assistance?

You are in the right place; in this article, we will review everything necessary to know about the best ChatGPT trading bot in 2024.

What is the ChatGPT crypto trading bot?

Producing a bot without any need to have programming knowledge is what the ChatGPT trading bot is all about!

It is a completely free way of making a bot to trade, using the popular product of the AI company, which is ChatGPT.

Note that as much as it seems free and exciting, it will always come with risks, so having a programmer by your side is highly recommended when you try to do that for the first time.

Top ChatGPT trading bot in 2024

The 3 Commas, Kryll, and Pionex are only a few of the best trading bots in 2024 produced by ChatGPT!

  1. 3Commas

Known for its user-friendly interface and advanced trading features, 3Commas allows traders to automate their strategies across multiple exchanges.

It provides smart trading tools, portfolio management, and copy trading options, making it popular among beginners and experienced traders and traderbotic.

  1. Kryll

Kryll stands out with its powerful automation platform, allowing users to create complex trading strategies without coding knowledge.

With a visual interface and a wide range of indicators, Kryll empowers traders to optimize their trading decisions and execute them across various cryptocurrency exchanges.

  1. Pionex

Pionex boasts a unique “Grid Trading Bot” feature that enables traders to capitalize on fluctuating markets efficiently.

The platform also provides access to various trading bots like trendspider trading bots and strategies, enhancing users’ flexibility in managing their crypto portfolios.

Note that they are only as good as your robot if we discuss the strategy behind them and keep them updated.

After making a few bots, you’ll have enough experience to make one in good shape, so that is a good idea to get inspired by them.

How is making a trading bot with ChatGPT?

How is making a trading bot with ChatGPT?

Now, let’s get to the tutorial part and see how anyone can use ChatGPT just as a tool and create a robot to help you with marketing:

  • Step 1

As the first step to accessing the ChatGPT trading bot, you better install ‘Composer’ since you can better understand AI and execute your algorithms.

You can find it in all markets related to applied programs with the C symbol, and after that, open to the ‘Create with AI’ page.

  • Step 2

ChatGPT is a natural language processing (NLP), which means you can communicate with it as if you are describing your strategy to a human!

Then, the AI will make a primary code according to the notes and strategy you referred to, with a short and related explanation about the provided code and its functionality.

  • Step 3

Now, the composer tries to make the code look easier to understand; you can even alter the strategy directly from the editor!

ChatGPT trading bot is the code you are seeing now!

Scroll down to see the click to test the robot, and relying on the data it provides, you can apply final changes.

  • Step 4

It is time to get back to the ChatGPT and ask it to apply needed edits, find solutions to develop the bot just how you wished, and have a secondary interaction with AI.

Do not worry; there is nothing it can’t apply, so take your time and keep moving between editor and ChatGPT, to finally realize everything is just how you wanted it to be.

  • Step 5

The composer has paved the way for your ChatGPT trading bot to trade for you automatically! It is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

It is not more than describing your approaches and strategies for AI and requesting it to make your wishes come true afterward.

  • Step 6

The named community includes more than 1300 members trying to be helpful by using artificial intelligence to make a ChatGPT crypto trading bot.

It is a wonderful place to bring up your questions, help others, and keep your robot profitable for your business.

Final words

Just having the idea of using a ChatGPT crypto trading bot to have profitable transactions in marketing seems exciting!

What other fantastic thing do you know about ChatGPT functionality? How should a successful strategy be? How to use ChatGPT for crypto trading?

Is it right to rely on the bot completely and stand away? What are your cross lines?

Is it worth using ChatGPT Trading Bot and risking so that, in return, you do not spend a bunch of time realizing everything?

Go ahead and make your bot! Share comments and tell us if it was helpful to you, contribute, and help other users with their questions.

How to trade NFTs using MetaMask?

How to trade NFTs using MetaMask?

You might have heard about the trade NFTs terms if you are into cryptocurrencies. NFTs are one of the most essential phenomena in cryptocurrency in 2021. Why?

Because NFTs are way more valuable than other digital tokens as non-fungible ones.

NFTs continue to grow in popularity in cryptocurrency, and it makes sense to consider ways to interact with them.

One of the ways to interact with NFTs ideas is through a MetaMask NFT connection. In short, MetaMask is a crypto wallet that can help manage NFTS.

So be clear; we will show you how to trade NFTs using MetaMask in this article. Stay relaxed and follow me.

Trading NFTs by MetaMask

When considering NFTs and MetaMask, one of the biggest questions that pop into people’s minds is, “Can I store NFTs on MetaMask?”

You can add NFTs as custom tokens to the MetaMask browser extension.

MetaMask is currently working on better NFT support for the MetaMask browser extension.

You can also store your NFTs in MetaMask mobile.

In this way, you can see your NFTs in the Collectibles tab of the MetaMask mobile app.

The app helps you find listings for NFTs you own and gain insight into NFT bubble pricing and market trends.

To trade NFTs with MetaMask, you must learn how to send them properly.

You can follow the following steps to send NFTs through the mobile application of MetaMask:

  1. The first step in “selling NFTs on MetaMask”, or transferring ownership to another user, is to verify that you have enough gas to make the transaction. If you do not have enough gas for the transfer process, reverse transactions and gas loss will occur.
  2. In the second step of submitting an NFT, click on the “NFT” tab in the MetaMask app.
  3. The app will then redirect you to the collection of NFTs you own.

Redirect to the collection of NFTs

  1. Browse through all NFTs and select the symbol of the NFT you want to transfer or sell.
  1. Find the icon of the NFT you want to transfer to another wallet.

Browse through all NFTs

  1. After clicking on the NFT of your choice, you will be taken to a new page. At the bottom of the new screen, you will find a “Submit” button. You agree to send the NFT to another user’s account by clicking the button.
  2. You will be in the final stage After clicking the send button in MetaMask in the NFT transfer process. In the last step, provide the address to which you want to send your NFTs and then comply with the standard transaction to complete the transfer.

Where to trade NFTs?

In addition to trading NFTs by MetaMask, you can trade your NFTs in different marketplaces. How to see NFT in Metamask? Below are some of the best marketplaces to trade NFTs:

1. OpenSea

OpenSea as a leader in NFT sales has all sorts of digital assets on its platform. You can sign up in this marketplace for free and browse the extensive offerings.

The OpenSea marketplace covers more than 150 different payment tokens; thus, this marketplace is a great place to start for the NFT world.

2. Larva Labs

Larva Labs is best known for the viral NFT project CryptoPunks. They were originally given away for free in 2017, but some CryptoPunks have since sold for millions of dollars.

Larva Labs also operates other digital art projects such as Autoglyphs and other application development projects based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Larva Labs CryptoPunks NFTs are sold out, but can be bid on and purchased on various third-party marketplaces.

Still, Larva Labs’ various projects are worth watching, including Meebits, which can be bid on directly through the company’s built-in marketplace.

3. NBA Top Shot Marketplace

NBA Top Shot is the National Basketball Association and the Women’s Basketball Association’s move into the world of NFTs.

Collectible moments (video clips and game highlights) and artwork from the world’s best basketball leagues can be purchased on its marketplace.

The NBA uses the Flow blockchain developed by Dapper Labs to make it a closed marketplace (you can only buy and sell on Top Shot).

Signing up and buying directly from the Top Shot Marketplace website is easy. Collectible moments can be purchased for just a few dollars.

Final thoughts

The MetaMask can provide you with a highly safe wallet to trade NFTs.

You should know The NFT minting cost and NFT marketplace are how you invest in digital assets, collectibles, and art, but there are many options.

Be sure to choose one that suits your buying and storage needs based on the type of NFT you’re looking for and the cryptocurrency you plan to trade it in.

Also, note that this is a new industry and highly speculative.

When making a purchase (if any), consider your overall investment strategy, net worth, and investment horizon.

Please share your idea about trading NFTs using MetaMask in the comments.

MetaMask Export & Import Private Key

MetaMask private key

Metamask Private keys are computer-generated codes, which are very important for people who use cryptocurrency imports and exports.

When it comes to crypto wallets, the MetaMask, an old one, has always been one of the shiniest names in the list, and that leads the users to the question of how to import and export MetaMask private keys.

Do you know how to get a private key from MetaMask? How to export it? Or what to do once it gets revealed?

This tutorial teaches you much about MetaMask export, importing private keys, and more! So go ahead.

How to get a private key from MetaMask?

To start learning how to get your private key from your MetaMask account, you need to consider each crypto has its specific address.

That means you need to specify which one of your accounts you want to get a MetaMask private key for:

  • Step 1: Open your MetaMask crypto wallet.
  • Step 2: As the second step, select the account you want to get a private key for in MetaMask, tap on your profile picture, and then choose one account placed below “My Accounts.”

Select the account you want to get a private key

  • Step 3: Close the window and tap on the three dots in the page’s right part.

Tap on the three dots of Metamask

  • Step 4: From the list, choose “Account details.”
  • Step 5: Here, you can see three useful options, the last related to producing your MetaMask private key.
  • Step 6: You need to enter your password to be verified as the wallet owner.
  • Step 7: Once you enter your password, you can see your private key and use it to be imported wallet to another wallet or manage your accounts.

see your private key in metamask

Note that it is very important to know you cannot use only one private key for all your accounts, so in case you are intended to change the fund of all your MetaMask accounts, you need to have a private key for each.

What is the MetaMask import private key?

To switch your wallet from another crypto to trc20 Metamask, you can easily import your private key to the MetaMask, and use its users’ interface.

The same as what you have gone through in the previous part regarding exporting a MetaMask private key is happening here; follow the below instructions.

  • Step 1: Open your browser and navigate to your wallet section.
  • Step 2: On your wallet profile page, select your profile picture.
  • Step 3: Now, tap on the “Import Account” item of the My Accounts list.
  • Step 4: Select the second one in the select type drop-down list, containing the JSON file and private key.
  • Step 5: in the below blank field, paste your private key string, and then tap on the import option, so then your address will be automatically imported.

Note that keeping your private key matters the most here because there is no way you can recover your account but to have the private key it is generated for.

If you lose your private key, you can no longer restore your crypto address! So as long as you have your private key, there is nothing you need to be afraid of.

How to export private key MetaMask?

Once you go over the first part of the tutorial regarding how to get a private key from MetaMask, you need to pay attention to the destination crypto wallet.

You need to know that a very important part of transferring your fund is to export and take great care of the private key, so once you are done with this, it is almost done.

MetaMask private key will be generated once, and then the user can keep it safe and use it whenever necessary.

Now, what if someone else could access your private key? What can you do then? Do you know about Metamask to binance gas fee?

What to do after revealing the private key?

Since there is no way to reset your private key, you need to transfer all your holdings to another account right after you realize that!

Remember, a person with it controls your wallet, so you must show some actions instantly to prevent abuse.

Final words

A private key is important to remain safe since you need it for transitions and proof of your assets.

Has it ever happened you lost your private key? In this case, what have you done to resolve the problem? How long have you been facing this trouble? Why Metamask cannot estimate gas?

Apart from the MetaMask export and import private key, what other private keys do you need to keep? How do you manage to protect them?

It is always great to see people participating in the comment section, so you would want to be one of them and share your ideas!

What is the MetaMask Bridge & How to do it?

MetaMask Bridge

MetaMask bridge helps you to transfer your belongings from one blockchain to another blockchains.

There is a vast range of blockchains out there that users are dealing with regarding the wallet they use and the blockchains it supports.

The good news is that the MetaMask bridge will be even more helpful since the MetaMask crypto wallet supports many blockchains without any exceptions.

But have you ever wished to transfer your tokens from one blockchain to the other? In that case, do you know how to use bridges? How to import wallet to Metamask?

In this article, you will learn the MetaMask bridge and how to do it.

What is the MetaMask bridge?

Before anything, let’s learn about the bridge and its use in cryptocurrency. A bridge is where you can transfer your holdings from one blockchain network to another.

Imagine using one blockchain, but most of your tokens are in another; here is where to use the bridge.

MetaMask bridge does the same thing; it helps you to transfer your belongings from one blockchain to another in the range of supported list of trc20 Metamask blockchains.

Its function is the same way as travel sites which search for a flight with a specific quality, like the cheapest or the soonest.

The MetaMask bridge also swaps for the cheapest token swap quote, so that is why it’s crucially important to know how to use it and take advantage of it.

Each bridge has a mechanism to measure your deposit on the blockchain network and then equivalent it to the other.

How to bridge your MetaMask wallet?

To bridge your MetaMask wallet and use its benefits, you can easily go over the below instructions to see how it’s done:

  • Step 1: Open your browser and then navigate to the MetaMask extension.
  • Step 2: Make sure the account you set has enough tokens you would like to bridge from, and the wallet you use is accurate and connected.
  • Step 3: Below the “From this network” field, you can select the blockchain network from which you would like to move your tokens.

Select the blockchain network from Metamask

  • Step 4: In the “You send” section, enter the details of the token you want to bridge, which has a dropdown list showing whether you can transfer your tokens. It depends on two factors, does MetaMask support it, and do you hold that tokens in your wallet?
  • Step 5: in the section “To this network”, you can choose the suitable network you would like to send your tokens via MetaMask bridge.(How to send USDT from Metamask to binance)

send your tokens via MetaMask bridge

  • Step 6: Once you input the networks and number of tokens you want to bridge, the aggregator starts to search for quotes.
  • Step 7: in the section “Recommended bridge”, you can easily see the suggested quotes that the aggregator found.

Recommended bridge in metamask

  • Step 8: You can choose your appropriate quote and see its dropdown part, which contains timing and fees. It will be updated every minute to ensure you observe valid and new data.
  • Step 9: If you want to check on another quote, click the “Choose different quote” on the top right of the quote container.
  • Step 10: When you find your ideal quote, you can tap on “Select”, and then you need to sign the message using a wallet.

MetaMask bridge is initiated

Once you are done with 10 steps on top, the MetaMask bridge is initiated, and after that.

Benefits of using MetaMask bridge

  1. One of the biggest benefits of using MetaMask bridge is that it prevents you from wasting a couple of unnecessary hours searching the web for the cheapest quotes; that is what aggregator does, but way faster and automated. Metamask cancel transaction is very easy.
  2. Security is another great advantage, since you are sure that you bridge only with platforms that pass the vetting process and are completely safe for users. Transparency matters so much, so the MetaMask constantly informs you about every transaction’s risks, price, and expected duration time.
  3. Another great benefit is that once the aggregator finds you the options, you are confident in their validity and credit, since the MetaMask is very reliable and what you choose is accurate.

Final words

Overall, the MetaMask bridge ensures you have no problem transferring your tokens across the blockchain networks, so knowing how to use them can be helpful.

On your way to transferring, what did you find irritating the most? How to connect metamask to website?

How do you avoid it? Have you ever wished to transfer more than the maximum value? What is that for?

Please share your comments, reply to others, and help with user confusion so we can all have a better experience using the MetaMask bridge!