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Our topic today is Bitcoin mining pool comparison and their ranking. Bitcoin Mining pools are groups of miners who agree to share block rewards in ratio to their contributed mining hash power.

Bitcoin Mining pool is the best way for small Bitcoin miners to achieve better rewards. How to mine bitcoin on phone for free?

Choosing the right Bitcoin mining pool will help optimize your profitability and calculate future rewards.

This article will help you in the Bitcoin mining pool comparison, and we will provide you with all the necessary information to make the best decision.

Bitcoin mining pool list

the number of Bitcoin miners has increased rapidly over time. As a result, today, we have reached a point where individual mining is practically inefficient and obsolete.

Bitcoin mining pool list
Bitcoin mining pool list

The mining pool allows miners to increase their chances of receiving rewards. In this part of the article, we’re going to take a look at the best Bitcoin mining pools and Bitcoin mining pool comparison.

F2pool (

Slushpool (

Antpool (

Viabtc ( (, First website for blockchainers)

Bitcoin mining pool ranking

  • F2pool: China is the largest Bitcoin mining market in the world. The country’s miners hold about 66 percent of the Bitcoin hash rate. The F2pool company was founded in Beijing in 2013.
  • Because of the company’s popularity, F2Pool expanded rapidly to other continents. The service is now available in Russia, Canada, the United States, and other countries.

With a 20.2 percent share of the mining market, F2Pool ranks first in the Bitcoin mining pool list.

  • Slush pool: Slush pool is One of Bitcoin’s most prominent and oldest mining pools. Since 2010, more than 1 million Bitcoin Morend more Than 15,000 Blocks have been mined using this pool. SlushPool operates in Czech.

In 2019 It was named one of Bitcoin’s top mining pools. What is Best bitcoin mining pool address and locations?

3-Antpool: Antpool was founded in China in 2014, and with more than 11% of all Bitcoin blocks, it is one of the biggest mining pools in the world. Antpool was founded by BitMain, one of the ASIC mining manufacturers.

Antpool has a support system for farms affected by technical problems, and other features to help small Bitcoin farms grow.

4-Viabtc: the fourth mining pool on our Bitcoin mining pool comparison list is Viabtc. Yang Haipo founded the Viabtc mining pool in 2016.

Yang is considered one of Bitcoin’s great tycoons. The company uses the Antminer S9, one of the most robust mining rigs. Since the pool was established, miners have been able to mine more than 22,256 Bitcoins. the BTC mining pool is one of the biggest cryptocurrency mining pools in the world and is supported by BitMain. takes 13.6% of the hash rate within the Bitcoin network.

Most giantess Bitcoin mining pool

Slushpool is considered the most significant Bitcoin mining pool in the world. Launched in 2010, SlushPool is the first cryptocurrency mining pool to provide a Bitcoin mining pool server.


Although it haAlthoughed for around a decade, it remains one of the biggest and most famous mining pools. SlushPool’s prominence is due to the management’s interest in innovative features.

SlushPool website e undergoes upgrades regularly to ensure that miners enjoy the best mining experience without the risk of becoming susceptible to attacks.

Bitcoin mining PC requirements

With over 1 million BTC mined since it launched in 2010, Slush Pool has successfully organized Bitcoin mining by providing individual miners with an environment to compete with established mining farms.

SlushPool currently has over 140,000 active Bitcoin mining rigs connected to its network.

Highest paying Bitcoin mining pool

Antpool is the highest-paying Bitcoin mining pool. Antpool has been committed to providing users with high-quality multi-currency mining services since its establishment in 2014.

Antpool supports BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, ZEC, DASH, DCR, RVN, DGand B, and CKB, At the same time.


The pool is operated by Bitcoin’s biggest hardware manufacturer, Bitmain Technologies. The interface of the pool software is professionally designed, the profits earned by your miners are visible inside the software, and you can check the amount of hash rate for creating.

An amount in this pool is completely free.

You can choose three methods for mining, each of which will have different Peer-to-peer peer miners with miner will have a commission of 1 percent, PPLNS mining will have a commission of 0 percent, and the PPS method will have a fee of 2.5 percent, which will be deducted from the profit.

If your earnings exceed 0.0001 BTC, the platform will pay you daily.


In this article, we talked about the Bitcoin mining pool compared. The most crucial reason miners join the mining pool is to increase the profit percentage if you want to mine individually; you need to compete with miners with the processing power of about 150 million terahash per second.

By forming a team, mining pools increase processing power and participate in the mining process on behalf of everyone.

Antpool, F2pool, Slushpool, and ViaBTC are among the best mining pools. Other pools, such as Pulling and, are among the leading pools that can be suitable choices based on each miner’s criteria.

Before choosing a Bitcoin mining pools, do the necessary research according to your circumstances and criteria.

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