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Where can I buy polker coins? How do I buy polker coin? Where can I trade Polker? How do you get Polker coins? What is PKR crypto?

These are the questions about polker that you can see a lot by surfing through social media. This article will give a complete description of the steps of buying this cryptocurrency.

What is Polker crypto?

PKR is a global movement designed by several patent protocols to fix common problems in the blockchain industry. The project is designing online fair games, creating a random number generator, helping to introduce interoperability in the digital currency industry, and creating a safe environment for launching new cryptocurrency projects.

The project’s original goal was to create a crypto game called polker. This game is currently the first blockchain-based monetization game designed by PKR as nft.

The PKR platform tokens are needed for the economy of the ecosystem. According to White Paper, holders can receive annual profit (APY) by staking and Buy polker coins. It should be noted that, As the total value locked of this token increases, the gain from Polker coin staking will be decreased.

The PKR token was first launched in June 2021. The game’s testnet took place in late 2021, and its mainnet was launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Who are the founders of PKR?

Conor Thacker is the managing director and co-founder of the project, and an experienced blockchain technical writer and consultant. Tucker graduated from Stockholm International School and was previously head of marketing at Irresident Software Development Company.


Hector Mayorga is chief of gaming and another co-founder of it. Among his honors is having more than five years of experience as a senior executive in game development, user interface design, Autodesk software, and foundry software.

Mayorga’s tasks in the project are summarized as overseeing business operations, goal setting, and strategic planning. Other essential members of the team are listed below:

  1. Elliott Schecter: Casino Logic Director
  2. Sean Brennan: Revenue Director
  3. Jesse Paul: Chief of Gaming Operations
  4. Rob-Wheeler: Chief Technology Officer

What makes PKR unique?

Polker has created a secure environment for the initial development of new projects. Along with protecting investors from fraudulent currencies, it stands by startups and new projects that help them grow and develop.

The polker protocol receives instant online prices from oracle pools and shows actual cryptocurrency prices to the investors when they Buy polker coins.

It is also the creator of the patent-pending True Random Number Generator (TRNG) protocol. The mentioned technology is auditable, and by combining SHA-256 hashing with blockchain, it has created a random number generator, the randomness of which can be audited by the transaction ID and the recovery phrases of the platforms.

Another success of this cryptocurrency is creating a solution to ensure fair play in the gaming industry. The protocol works by collecting variables from specific points in the game, hashing them with SHA-256, and interacting with a solidity-based smart contract to check the fairness of the platform’s performance.

What problem does Polker solve in crypto blockchain?

Many projects enter the crypto arena every day, many of which retain their appearance and have a formal and good website, so it is tough to distinguish scam projects from real ones.

Rug pulls, and scam projects are detrimental to the entire community and cause many people to be pessimistic about cryptocurrencies. Such projects don’t have practical applications and clear goals.

On the other hand, some groundbreaking projects that can solve a significant problem in this area are neglected due to a lack of time, budget, or public trust. Poker will solve the problem of identifying real projects from lies, but how?

How to buy floki inu?

What is the solution of polker to solve this problem?

Polker has provided a solution for these problems for developers and community members. Using a multi-crypto marketplace creates a secure platform for utility tokens to build real-world use cases in a stable setting. The tokens value, which has extraordinary volatility in the early stages, will be increased. Also, users are prohibited from investing in high-risk tokens.

Polker addresses three concerns by eliminating these risks from investors when they Buy polker coin and by creating a safe and reliable environment for the growth and development of new projects, which are described below:
  •  Projects can create an initial investment and a price floor that enables the development of use cases.
  •  With this platform, investors are not required to buy tokens, and it is assumed that the projects are committed and practical
  •  Its third solution is to eliminate scams and fraud by merging the first and second items for startups and reducing risk for investors.

Where to buy polker coin? What is the best exchange for polker coins? It is now listed in many exchanges. You can buy polker coins from centralized exchanges like Bittrex, MEXC, and BitMart. It is also available on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and PancakeSwap (V2).

How to buy polker coin?

One of the centralized exchanges where this token is traded is the MEXC exchange. The following will explain the transfer of money to the exchange, how to buy pkr crypto from the exchange, and all the steps and details.

1- The first step in buying a cryptocurrency from an exchange is transferring fiat money to the exchange and converting it into a stable coin. After registering in the MEXC exchange, log in to your account from the login section. Select Buy crypto from the top left. best-wato-buy-polker-coin 2- You will see the following page. First, select the Credit / Debit Card from the top. In the lower part, shown with the number 1, we choose the Fiat currency we want to deposit in exchange; for example, we selected the Euro here. It should be noted that the minimum deposit amount for the euro is 100 euros. how-to-buy-polker-cryptoThen, from part 2, we set the cryptocurrency to which we want to convert our Fiat money. We have chosen tether here. In the third part, the MEXC exchange offers us three options for payment: simplex, mercury, and banxa, which we decided on simplex. Finally, press the buy USDT button.

3-At this stage, you can choose your payment method. We have selected a Credit / Debit card. where-to-buy-pkr-crypto-coin 4-Finally, to Buy polker coin, enter your card details to complete the deposit operation. Your account will then be charged the amount of money you have deposited. polker-coin-exchange 5. After completing the deposit operation, return to the Buy Crypto page, select the Asset button from the top right, and press the Overview button. polker-coin-buy-way 6-The page that appears shows your inventory. The field marked with the number 1 shows your total balance, including Fiat money and cryptocurrency. polker-coin-news From part 2, we press the transfer button, and after that, we can transfer our balance between each of the Futures Account, Margin Account, Fiat Account, and Spot Account accounts.

7- Our money is in Fiat Account, and we need to transfer it to the Spot Account. 7 – Now we can buy polker coin from the Trade section. To do this, select Trade from the top left and then pressed the Spot button. polker-contract-address-fundlan 8- Finally, the trade page appears. polker-trade-fundlan9-The first thing you need to do is search PKR from Part 1. Then select Limit from part 2, and in parts 3 and 4, you must enter the price and amount of the token you want to buy, respectively. Finally, create your order by pressing the Buy polker coin per button.

This order will be displayed at the bottom of the page. After completing the purchase, you can see your poker pkr coin by returning to the Asset page. You can buy pkr in the UK and most countries with this method.

For long-term storage of this token, it is better to transfer it to your wallet. For more information, you can read our wallet article.

Polker coin price prediction

PKR has experienced a price jump after leaving its downtrend channel. But resistance at 0.0653 worked well and prevented further price growth. In the following, a pin bar candle was included with the price return to its direct support of 0.0318, forming a divergence.


But it should be noted that our current trend is declining. If the price is supported in this area, it can move to the resistance of 0.0653 again. But if this support is broken, 0.0280 and 0.020 support levels will be the following PKR price targets, respectively, for buying Polker coin.

Poker pkr token

Individuals, organizations, companies, and players can use PKR proprietary technology to strengthen their platform by trading this token. Its platform and related services help e-commerce, gaming, e-sports, gaming, and even NFT developers.

Polker coinmarketcap

The total number of polker tokens is 1 billion, of which only 9% have been released. The price of each token is $ 0.034. With a market cap of over $3 million, this cryptocurrency is ranked 1315 by CoinMarketCap. its daily trading volume is more than $ 837,000, and the ratio of this volume to Market Cap is 26%, which is a good number.

According to the total number of unique addresses that hold this asset in the network, the number of PKR holders has recorded a staggering growth from March 18 to April 6, 2022. But since then, it has dropped, and now there are 4670 holders in the network.

Diagram of the number of pkr holders


Another factor that we should pay special attention to is the distribution of PKR tokens between all wallets. 80% of it is kept in one wallet, and the first ten wallets hold 96.7% of the total tokens, which is not good news for the holders of this token to To buy Polker coin in the future.

Because the number of tokens distributed must be divided according to certain principles among all wallets, and the accumulation of a large number of them in one wallet, increases the risk of fraud.

10 top PKR wallets


PKR amount

% of the total supply

























Polker has 81076 Twitter followers, 1576 Reddit members, 24,534 Telegram members, and 322 Discord members.

pkr wallet

Since this cryptocurrency is listed in three different blockchains, you can use wallets that support these blockchains. To do this, you need to know the Polker coin contract address. By adding the pkr token address to the wallet, you can send your tokens to that wallet.

For example, you can use Metamask, Binance chain wallet, and Trust wallet to keep this token on the Binance smart chain network.

What Blockchain is PKR on?

pkr is listed on various blockchains, such as Binance Smart chain, Ethereum and Tron.

Is Polker listed on Binance?

It has not been listed in Binance yet. So it is not currently possible to buy Polker coins from Binance.

Polker planning

PKR is a global movement aimed at designing online fair games, creating random number generators, helping to introduce interoperability in the cryptocurrency industry, and creating a secure environment for launching new cryptocurrency projects. It was first launched in June 2021.

This movement seeks to help new projects develop by creating a safe environment. Thereby it protects people’s finance.

polker price prediction 2030

It has a 3 million dollar market cap with 4,670 holders. The number of tokens in circulation for this project is less, and most of these tokens are stored in one wallet, Which is one of the disadvantages of this token. Unlike its bad tokenomics, the ratio of daily trading volume to Market Cap is a good number.

The technical analysis shows that the polker price is on its direct support, and the trading volume is within an acceptable range. If the downward trend in the number of holders is reversed, we can expect good price growth.

Otherwise, the downward trend will continue. PKR is listed in several centralized and decentralized exchanges. To buy it from centralized exchanges, you must first register in exchange and then, after transferring money to the exchange, convert it to stablecoin. Then you can create your buy order.

In this article, we have tried to thoroughly examine the polker cryptocurrency from all dimensions and describe the pros and cons of this cryptocurrency along with its technical analysis. The analyzes provided are purely personal, and the investor is responsible for investing and Buy polker coins or each cryptocurrency.

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