Where to buy dogelon mars?

Where to buy dogelon mars? From the Coin Market Cap’s perspective, Dogelon Mars is a meme coin introduced in April 2021.

Its name is derived from the name of the capital of Mars, and no one knew it before it pumped!

The project support team said that this currency is a serious project with important and developing goals.

The interesting thing is that even Shiba currency does not have the Twitter blue check, but this currency does.

So it seems worthy to take some moments to get to know this influential currency and do not be outdone.

We will tell you the correct information about Dogelon as much as we can so that you will receive the least guide from the Fundlan team to recognize and make the right decisions about it.

Dogelon Mars White Paper

Currently, the official website of this project at does not say much about their way and white paper and said nothing whether it has a specific application.


Dogelon Mars Twitter

The support team on the Dogelon website has announced that the project’s tweet account has 300,000 followers, and actually.

We can see that it has also received the Twitter blue check, a confirmation which many major currencies still have not been able to obtain. Plus, its telegram channel has over 84,000 followers.

Dogelon Mars Price Prediction

Dogelon is a community driven or social currency, meaning it is supposed to grow with the help of a community of fans and holders and has no specific use.

On October 29, 2021, listed the currency, causing it to jump 200 percent, so repeating this is not far-fetched.

If we interpret and decipher some of Elon Musk’s tweets, we will find that in some recent tweets, he has given the message of buying Dogelon.

However, we should not enter into transactions with a great amount of money under any circumstances. Be sure to consider capital management when buying it.

To Dogelon Mars Price Prediction, we must say that, This currency is suitable for short-term bonds and volatility, but for long-term, we cannot see a good future for it, because it has a weak foundation and its performance is unpredictable.

Dogelon Currency Analysis

According to, the currency has 71,000 holder addresses and 1 quadrillion tokens, which 56% of which have been released.

Its daily trading volume is $27 million and its market cap is $957 million and close to $1 billion. The project’s official Twitter page has over 170,000 followers, and public attention to the project is growing.


Dogelon has entered the improving and accumulation phase after growing 36 times in the last 28 days. As you can see inside the channel, it made a corrective move and came out of the channel again and pumped.

In the last 2 days, it has Moving Average = 50 and has been in pin bar (hammer candlestick) pattern.

In the 4-hour Team Frame, it broke its 6 data and the uptrend line. Next, if the red support is not lost, it will hit the upper resistance line, but if it loses its support, it will approach the lower black line.

Is Dogelon Mars a good investment?

Elon Development System has said that in the future, they will include Defi and NFTs too. It is not clear whether Elon Musk is behind his currency or not!

Because Elon Musk has mentioned this currency indirectly in his texts and there is no public reference to it.


On the other hand, the number of holders of this Dogelon has increased from 19,000 holders in October 2021 to 121,000 holders in December 2021. This indicates an increase in relative trust to the currency.

Where to buy dogelon mars?

You can buy Elon Crypto from exchanges such as KuCoin, OKEX, SHIBASWAP, UNISWAP, Gemini, Huobi, hotbit, bitforex, mexc,, elband, etc.

Dogelon Mars Wallet

Large exchanges do not list this currency. It does not have a specific wallet, but Trust Volt and trc20 metamask support this currency.

Dogelon Mars coin prediction

dogelon mars coin prediction

According to Dogelon’s support team, the currency is a functional meme coin, and Elon Musk has described it as an interplanetary currency which will be used on Mars, although this statement is far from the reality at this time.

However, we should remember that a large percentage of important scientific events and advances are coming from the imagination.


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