Green metaverse token listing and price prediction 2025

Green metaverse token and price prediction until 2025 will be explained in this article.; Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the administration token of STEPN, a “transition to procuring” wellbeing and wellness application. STEP clients purchase shoe NFTs and afterward exercise to acquire different tokens and NFT rewards.

STEPN likewise has an inherent wallet (GMT), trade, NFT commercial center, and a remarkable rental framework that permits non-crypto clients to use STEPN. As the local token of STEPN, GMT is utilized for administration, marking prizes, and convention income. Starting today, there are 60,000,000 GMT available for use.

YouHodler additionally refers clients who can purchase GMT on the stage utilizing fiat, stable coins, Or changing over from other acknowledged digital forms of money.

Based on our research and historical data analysis. The price of 1 GMT would reach as high as USD 3.98 by 2025. The average price for a Green Metaverse Token (GMT) would be around $3.33, with a minimum price reaching $3.22.

Green metaverse token website

Green metaverse token website
Green metaverse token website

Clients need to download the STEPN application on; Then, they need to pursue STEPN utilizing their email address. After confirmation, clients should interface their wallets to investigate STEPN digital currency.

NFTs as shoes are worn by the clients in STEPN’s Game-Fi framework. Clients should store Solana’s local SOL token in STEPN’s in-application wallet to purchase NFT shoes and trust that their energy will be renewed following 24 hours. The number of minutes a client might practice with a shoe NFT is estimated in energy.

GMT & Flexibility

Flexibility, productivity, and solace are the different traits that clients might choose. The highlights of your tennis shoe all add to its energy cap. The energy cap is critical in bottlenecking conveyance because the stockpile of remunerations is confined.

There are two tokens (GMT) in the STEPN environment: the Green Satoshi token (GST) is the game’s utility token, which has a limitless stock, and the Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the administration token. All in all, what number of STEPN (GMT) coins are there? The stock of GMT tokens is restricted to 6 billion.

Green metaverse token listing

YouHodler declared the listing of Green Metaverse Token (GMT) to its foundation. YouHodler clients can utilize GMT promptly for crypto-upheld loaning, general cash trade, crypto exchange, and crypto investment accounts.

As an advancement, YouHodler states that clients can procure 20% APY on GMT stores for the principal month. Moreover, clients can appreciate seven days of free GMT exchanging utilizing the stage’s “Multi HODL” exchanging apparatus.

Crypto foundation

Metaverse reception keeps flooding at global levels, said YouHodler Head of Partnerships, Vaida Saltenyte. “We feel the group behind STEPN is very skilled and can be a top name in this new industry.

Crypto foundation
Crypto foundation

That is why we are supporting them and our clients with the expansion of GMT and this advancement to acquire 20% APY on GMT in the principal month. We trust our clients can profit from the development of GMT while tracking down new, inventive ways of enacting their crypto on our foundation.”

Green metaverse token Binance

Consistent Crypto experience: STEPN fabricates a complete environment vertical remembering for application wallet, trade, and commercial center so that the application is intuitive to utilize.

Onboarding non-crypto clients: Rental framework empowers non-crypto clients to pursue free. Once they set aside an adequate number of tokens, they can purchase a tennis shoe NFT and begin their crypto venture.

Well-disposed to all wellness levels: Different shoes are intended for various wellness levels; clients can decide to walk, run or hurry to acquire tokens.

Carbon Neutrality: Governance casting a ballot concludes how much benefit STEPN will give for the reason for Carbon Neutrality.

Accessible on iOS/Android: Users can download STEPN from iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Quickly developing and Crypto local: Supported by the local area, STEPN has stretched around 21k DAU and 66k MAU in under two months of Public Beta.

Solo Mode (move and procure): By just squeezing the START button, clients can begin to move and acquire token prizes with a little opportunity to get a Mystery Box that contains Gems NFT.


Binance & NFT

Tennis shoes and Gems NFT: Sneaker NFT can be stepped up by consuming tokens. Clients can add focuses and Gems NFT to the tennis shoe to support its exhibition.

Stamping and Shoebox: By assembling two tennis shoes NFT and consuming a few tokens, clients can mint one Shoebox, or every once in a while, two/three Shoeboxes at the expense of one. Opening the shoebox will give the client one irregular shoe NFT.

NFT Marketplace: Users can exchange their tennis shoes, NFT, Shoeboxes, Gems, and Achievement Badges in the commercial center. Clients can likewise lease shoes here for nothing. Decentralized Wallet and Swap: Users can purchase digital forms of money through an entrance to Binance, trade tokens for other digital forms of money, and send/store tokens/NFTs.

Green metaverse token coin gecko

STEPN(GMT) is a crypto token based on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. It was a symbol local symbol behind the STEPN project. This token has a limited inventory of six billion tokens. GMT step-in is moving towards procuring cryptos through friendly FI and game FI applications based on Solana.

STEPN cost today is $0.611733 with a 24-hour exchanging volume of $193,962,729. GMT cost is down – 1.9% as of now. It has a coursing supply of 600 Million GMT coins and a complete stockpile of 6 Billion. On the off chance that you are hoping to trade STEPN, Digifinex is at present the most dynamic trade.

Green metaverse token coingecko
Green metaverse token coingecko
  • What were the highest two costs for STEPN?
  • STEPN hit an unequaled high of $4.11 on Apr 28, 2022 (around two months).
  • What was the most reduced cost for STEPN?
  • STEPN made some all memories low of $0.100826 on Mar 11, 2022 (90 days).
  • What was the 24-hour exchanging volume of STEPN?
  • The 24-hour exchanging volume of STEPN is $193,962,729.
  • Where might STEPN at any point be exchanged?
  • You can exchange STEPN on Digifinex, WhiteBIT, and Tidex. Famous for exchanging matches for STEPN, the market incorporates GMT/USD, GMT/CAD, GMT/EUR, GMT/PHP, GMT/INR, and GMT/IDR.

Green metaverse token price prediction, 2025

The Green Metaverse Token worth will build in light of the endeavors of the organizations like this designer, organizations like two, and local area financial backers. Like, the determined cost for the year 2025 is bullish.

Green metaverse token price prediction
Green metaverse token price prediction

GMT was expected to contact a most extreme value level of $3.98 toward the finish of 2025, as per examiners. Then again, it is profoundly hopeful that the Green Metaverse Token’s (GMT) future will at last develop.

Accordingly, the anticipated typical cost of GMT will be around $3.22 to $3.33 in 2025, depending upon the market. As expressed in a similar motto, the GMT’s most famous like this, the cis that from $3.22 to $3.98 for 2025.

Green metaverse token information

Green Satoshi Token (GST)- It is an in-application utility token utilized as in-application cash to buy merchandise in the application. GST has a limitless stock and can be acquired in the game.

Green Metaverse Token (GMT)- It is super symbolic behind the Stepn project and has a limited inventory of six billion tokens. It tends to be procured during the Token Generation Event (TGE), where it very well may be stamped.

The significant purpose for the monstrous vertical cost pattern is accepted to be Stepn’s new income reports. According to an authoritative proclamation of the organization, STEPN created a gain of $26.81 million from its NFT Marketplace exchanging and eminence expenses in Q1, 2022.


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