Polkadot ecosystem coins list



Polkadotadot ecosystem coins list; We will explain the whole list to you, but first, you need to know a little about Polkadot and then describe its ecosystem.

Polkadot is an open-source multi-chain sharing protocol that facilitates the cross-chain transfer of any data or assets. As a result, it makes a wide range of blockchains interoperable. The following figure, provided by cryptoslate.com, shows the Polkadot ecosystem coins list.

Polkadot ecosystem coins list


It should be noted that the projects shown in the figure above are among the best Polkadot ecosystem coins list. We explain this list in full in the following sections.

What is the Polkadot ecosystem?

Instead of building a complete blockchain for use in all cases, Polkadot’s approach tries to provide tools for creating several types of blockchain. This ecosystem’s core is the Polkadot chain, which provides security and communication channels for all connected blockchains.

If you want to create a custom blockchain for your coin, the Polkadot ecosystem will cover your project. Only use pre-built modules with the provided Substrate framework, and you will run it in the shortest time.

Founders of Polkadot Project

The critical face behind Polkadot is Dr. Gavin Wood, one of the Web3 Foundation and Equality Technologies founders. He was also one of the founders and CEO of Ethereum Technology and developed the widely used Solidity programming language for smart contracts.

The Polkadot project was created by the nonprofit web3 Foundation in 2016 to create a decentralized, verifiable, and more secure Internet.

The founding members of Polkadot are Dr. Gavin Wood, Robert Habermeier, and Peter Czaban.

Best Polkadot ecosystem coins list

1- Kosama


Kosama is for research development; Due to the safety of all para chains depending on the Polkadot chain, the stress test of this technology is as helpful as possible. Kosama was initially proposed as a real-world test network for Polkadot. Kosama has most of the properties of Polkadot, such as providing a chain for para chains.

Kosama first launches and receives all the upgrades. This way, everything is tested in a live environment before being implemented in Polkadot. To speed up the test, everything will run four times faster in Kosama than in Polkadot.

To get acquainted with the mechanism and application of para chains in the Polkadot network, two vital projects can be named from the Polkadot ecosystem coins list:

2- Acala 

“Acala’s integrated Defi platform helps do stocks, loans, monetization, and more at low transaction costs.” Karura, the version of Kosama Acala, was the first project to win the Para chain slot and is now in operation.

Based on Carura’s performance, Acala has a good chance of becoming one of the first parachutes in Polkadot.

3- Moonbeam

An intelligent contract parachute compatible with Ethereum in the Polkadot ecosystem coins list. The Kosama-based Moon river project was the second project to win a para chin slot from the Kosama chain. Smart Ethereum contracts are also compatible with Moonbeam, so this can be interesting for many projects that want to run in Polkadot and use Ethereum development tools.



Pontem is a test platform for Diem with Facebook support. Pontem is where the development and testing for these Stable coins take place, which has excellent potential for acceptance through the Facebook network. 

Features of Polkadot ecosystem coins list


Polkadot makes it possible to transfer any data or assets between blockchains. Connecting to Polkadot allows you to interact with a wide range of blockchains in the Polkadot network.

2-Economic and transactional scalability

Polkadot provides unprecedented economic scalability by activating a suite of creditors to secure multiple blockchains. Polkadot provides transaction scalability by distributing transactions across multiple parallel blocks.

4-Accessible innovation in the blockchain

Create a custom blockchain in minutes using the Substrate framework. Connect your chain to Polkadot and get interoperability and security. This ease of development contributes to the growth of the Polkadot network.

5-High energy efficiency

Polkadot consumes a small portion of the energy consumed by conventional blockchain. This blockchain is the next generation of the proof of stack model (NPoS). Using energy equivalent to 6.6 households per year, Polkadot has the lowest carbon footprint among the proof of stock protocols analyzed in recent research.

6-Network Security

The new design makes the availability and validity of Polkadot data allow chains to interact meaningfully with each other. Chains remain independent in their government, but united in their security.

7-User-centered governance

Polkadot has a complex governance system in which all stakeholders have the right to benefit. The network upgrade is chained and implemented independently, without splitting the network, ensuring that Polkadot’s development remains forward-looking and community-oriented.

Polkadot ecosystem projects 2022


According to the research and the explanations provided in this article, The following projects from the Polkadot ecosystem coins list will be among the best in 2022.

  1.  KUSAMA
  3.  RMRK
  5.  Acala Network (ACA)
  6.  Clover Finance (CLV)
  7.  Xfinity (EFI)
  8.  Centrifuge (CFG)
  9.  Outro

The above currencies result from a search by the author of this article, and for a better investment, do the necessary research.

Polkadot ecosystem metaverse

To achieve Web3.0, one of the essential components of the Consensus Engine is critical. The consensus engine is a protocol used to agree on specific rules of interaction. Knowing the future interactions (or non-interactions) automatically and irreversibly leads to strict compliance with the regulations.

Blockchain is a technology that builds the consensus engine. Still, the network covered by a blockchain public chain project is minimal, and data transfer between different blockchains is difficult.

Polkadot is essential Web3.0-based infrastructure.

It can connect all the blockchains to form an extensive blockchain network and is large enough to carry the future Internet. Polkadot is also the best expression of the consensus engine in Web3.0.

Polkadot will provide the most important guarantee for the decentralized sector in the field of decentralized extraterrestrials.

Polkadot can also connect decentralized blockchains to an extensive network that can interconnect existing types of NFTs and extend to different types of Web3.0. Projects like File coin provide decentralized storage for Web3.0, build a Mask middleware infrastructure that helps users move seamlessly from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, etc.

Eventually, these Web3.0 projects connect to Polkadot and become part of the Polkadot ecosystem, thus building all the necessary infrastructure for Web3.0 and laying the foundations for a decentralized meta-world.

Polkadot ecosystem gaming


The Polkadot network protocol is well-suited for deploying games and performance across the blockchain without compromising quality. Therefore, this network has a port and adds blockchain games. The following figure shows the games launched on the Polkadot blockchain platform.

Polkadot facilitates the creation of a digital meta-transformation in which any game can be developed on a convenient blockchain. Still, its in-game assets (NFT) and tokens can flow freely between games and blockchains.

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