Best free crypto price alert apps (2022)



Best free crypto price alert apps in 2022 can be installed on different devices and inform you of the newest changes in cryptocurrency prices.

When cryptocurrency was newer, people thought they had to spend their time behind monitors, analyzing arts, and making decisions. They had to be super bright to be able to do it, but now it is straightforward for everybody that it is not needed and intelligent work is necessary, not hard work or even high IQ.

Are you tired? Well, bring your snacks and read this essay until the end because we will tell you the secrets of crypto price alert apps, this super exciting job is, so let’s get into it.

Best crypto price alert apps


  1. eToro: It is one of the best crypto price alert apps regulated by SEC, FCA, ASIC, and CySE, and that’s why this app is this safe and trustworthy; there is no fee for us clients.
  2. Defi Swap Is the other best-known app in this field. As the name implies, Defi Swap is a platform that leverages the power of the decentralized finance (Defi) ecosystem. It provides users a way to swap tokens; another significant aspect of Defi Swap is that users can also invest in the exchange’s native token, Defi Coin (DEFCens without an intermediary, which offers over 50 well-known tokens.
  3. MFC, One of the best APPS, is a bank platform and a wallet that allows users to buy and sell tokens and earn money on a social network. This app is useable on Android and IOS devices, but It receives a $50 monthly subscription plus a 2% tax and provides a secure platform for transactions. One of its most important features is the creation of collateral loan conditions.
  4. BITSTAMP: IT is one of the old running apps. It was created in 2011, and this app is famous for its low approach, only about 0.5 % for peer trade, and you must know if you exceed your monthly trade volume of over $10000 per month, the tax will be 0.25 % for each trade.
  5. COIN BASE: it is excellent for beginners. They only need to create an account, but this app has a high feed of about 3.99 % per trade!!
  6. Coin Gecko: it will alert users 24/7, but there are many ads in free versions of this crypto price alert app.

15 Hot and best Crypto-Games-apps

Best crypto price alert apps for IOS

  1. Coin base: coin base is claimed to be the best crypto price alert apps program introduced, which is user-friendly Performing transactions and trading cryptocurrencies of well-known currencies such as BITCOIN DASH & LITEcoin, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, it can be done with this app. After the first trade, alerts will be personalized for you. Other advantages include the security of the moment-to-moment alert portal and having a trading platform for more than one hundred types of cryptocurrency. Still, the app is not for free and has a high tax.
  2. Cryptocurrency alerting LLC: This APP is designed for version 13 and later; it can be used more on iPad. You can set this application to give alerts to you at any time and anywhere, even provide you a list of the latest rates, or allows you to limit changes. It also has many options for cryptocurrencies. However, this app is a bit difficult for beginners.
  3. Block folio: This app has a trading platform with over 8000 currency codes. This app also has an effective alert system and can give real-time alerts. Its advantages include analyzing 20 currency codes simultaneously and having instant support. And direct updates, but this is a glitch IOS application.
  4. INVESTING.COM: This program can also be installed on versions 13 and later of iOS. It has many tools and features and can even be used on a smartwatch. This program gives a lot of users a lot of information, but many ads on the free versioning.
  5. Delta investment: This is one of the best and most excellent crypto price alert apps because it can store and categorize all assets. You can also access the password information of the currencies you did not buy. It also has integrated portfolio management. & all the information is available in one dashboard. It’s a little challenging to use.
  6. eToro: It is an excellent app for beginners; it has many alert methods, it gives the prices of the ordered currencies, and it is available for iOS 11 and later devices, and it shows the price charts.
  7. Zulu trade: Displays hundreds of cryptocurrencies, is easy to use, and shows the overall market view, but these crypto price alert apps have a lot of advertising in the free version.

Best crypto price alert apps for android


  1. coin tracker:  coin tracker is An excellent and practical free crypto price alert app for android phones that can warn and inform rates of more than 2500 cryptocurrencies.
  2. Comma is an app suitable for everyone who has been trading for years or novices. This app offers you many services and shows the absolute pleasure of trading.
  3. Crypto alarm: Another recommended and helpful app that shows you the market changes and fluctuations in different ways. The most important feature of this software is the ability to inform even when you are offline.
  4. XREX: Is the only app that supports the USD / CRYPTO & INR / CRYPTO markets. It also supports the US dollar markets, ETH, Bit, Mkr sol &, etc. These have caused business people and traders to use this app in foreign and international transactions.
  5. tZero crypto: It is both safe and easy to use. Its designers claim a 24-hour response. Only well-known cryptos are voted.

Crypto price alert apps results

One of the best ways of making more money in the last decade was trading cryptocurrencies; like any other industry, growing skills and knowledge are required to achieve the goal.

It’s almost like a fast subway that we can’t catch; we will miss all cause there are no pauses, but applications being designed are a kind of hacks for people to get to the goal without running as fast as a train.

The Crypto price alert apps discussed in this article are categorized based on tax rates, alerting methods, and ease of Please let us know and send an email address if there was any wrong information address.

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