How to Learn Web3 & Blockchain from Scratch?

The internet is no longer the biggest phenomenon in our world anymore, even though it has made a revolutionary in connecting people, but the next phenomenon is on its way!

Nowadays, you need to ask yourself how much you know about blockchains. Marketing? Different cryptocurrencies? And if the answer is not, would you like to learn?

What if you can learn Web3?

In that case, are you ready to keep up with the technology world and learn other coming-up stuff?

If you are interested in learning from scratch, here is a great place to know the answer to How Can I Learn Web3 & Blockchain from Scratch?!

Learning Web3 & blockchain from scratch

Learn Web3 & Blockchain from Scratch
Learn Web3 & Blockchain from Scratch

To be a Web3 developer, you need to learn many different sciences to comprehend, analyze, and improve in this new side of technology.

Knowing how to start learning Web3 and blockchains, where to start from, and which path you will take steps in is very important, maybe more than your age and sex!

So, to know more about all these materials, you need to determine and ignore your age in the first place; you have everything you need, believe in yourself, and take the first step.

Where should I start to learn Web3?

There are various reasons why ordinary people, or even web2 developers, are trying to learn web3 and receive great money but to learn that from scratch; you need to start from scratch.

In the following part of the essay, there are several ways for you to start, so according to your condition, start from one and switch to others later.

· Follow seasoned blockchain and crypto influencers on Twitter and YouTube

To have your first impression of Web3 and blockchain from scratch, it is a great idea to count on Twitter and YouTube as your greatest courses.

Finding seasoned blockchain and crypto influencers on those platforms should be easy; once you do, you can get familiar with their projects and how they run their business.

Another great option is YouTube offers channels that will tell you everything about web3 and blockchains completely free! Could it be better?

So, all costs to have a better understanding and learn web3 is to start subscribing to one of them and dive into this fantastic and beneficial world.

· Join a Web3 developer DAO or a Discord server.

The more you scroll down, the more you realize all you need to start are social media and an unbreakable determination to learn Web3 and blockchains.

Joining a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO blockchain) or a Discord developer server is where you can start your Web3 learning journey in Discord.

This environment is a great place for many beginners to start, since that is very basic info about Web3 and blockchains; it is a great place for those not interested. How to Dao staking?

Remember to join the #events, #resources, and #jobs since there are always great things to learn and more opportunities to vast your knowledge about learning web3.

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· Participate in a Web3 hackathon.

So many programming events gather around some of the best to create a piece of software, for example, a hackathon or a “codefest.”

You may be wondering how that will help you with anything related to learning web3 and blockchains, but let me tell you what most people need to learn about!

To participate in the web3 hackathon, you do not need to be a professional programmer, and that means anyone with any level of coding can join, learn, and increase his networking.

Web3 opportunities in the future

Web3 opportunities in the future
Web3 opportunities in the future

That is so wise of you if you are concerned about the future opportunities opened to a web3 developer. However, that is a great motivation to learn web3, right?

It will take over the crypto since people would have better control over their finances through Web3 dApps. Job opportunities will be countless, so comparing the web1 or web2, this one will be much different.

Web3 developers will build up the future; they will have the potential to change everything and interfere with whatever they want.

Summing up

Considering the Web3 development in the past few years, how much do you know about the opportunities open for you?

Is learning Web3 the decision you will make to thank yourself once in the future?

Which risks make you afraid of counting on the Web3 world, marketing, and the complicated future? Are you ready to overcome them and keep going on your path?

It would always be great to see you, my friends, contributing and trying to help each other with everything, so leave a comment and share your ideas about the “How Can I Learn Web3 & Blockchain from Scratch” article.


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