What is better, Metamask vs Coinbase wallet for NFT



MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, which is better for NFT? Are NFT Bubble pop? In recent years, many crypto wallets worldwide have served users and assured them they are efficient.

The MetaMask and Coinbase wallets are two of the most well-known wallets, but what if you want to know which is better? Have you ever been curious about MetaMask vs Coinbase wallet?

Through DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs, both crypto wallets compete for better user experience, but here we are to take a closer look at NFT. In this essay, learn about the better MetaMask or Coinbase wallet for NFT.

Differences between MetaMask & Coinbase wallet

Let’s start the comparison with the year each crypto wallet has founded; Coinbase has only been around for two years, while MetaMask was founded in 2016, which proves it has a long story to tell!

In the battle of MetaMask vs. Coinbase wallet, you need to know that the MetaMask does not have any support team, unlike the Coinbase wallet; one more point for Coinbase, then.

One of the most reliable sources to see which one is more accurate has always been the user ratings, so in this case, we can see that MetaMask remarkably has a higher overall rate than its opponents.

Crypto staking and NFT wallet are the nice points both have, making this competition even tougher.

Now let’s see their supported chains as the last item of our comparison! The Coinbase crypto wallet supports All EVM Compatible Networks except AVAX Subnets.

In the meantime, the MetaMask does not have such an exception, making it one step better than Coinbase.

USDT TRC20 MetaMask (How to add?)

Network fees on Coinbase vs MetaMask

Network fees on Coinbase vs MetaMask
Network fees on Coinbase vs MetaMask

To better understand MetaMask vs. Coinbase wallet, it is always necessary to compare their network fees and see which is more efficient.

Now, I might disappoint the Coinbase fans. Still, MetaMask network fees are four times cheaper than the Coinbase currency wallet, so even though Coinbase is a popular wallet like React Native web3 wallet, it is far from MetaMask network fees.

The Coinbase wallet considers a 1% fee, the most expensive in the market, while the MetaMask fee is only about 0.25%, which is much lower.

Is MetaMask better than Coinbase wallet?

To see which crypto wallet is better, we need to consider different items and see which is better!

  • The number of supported blockchains

The supported blockchains are one of the great qualities both have; in this case, and the network fee, MetaMask is better.

Coinbase Wallet services many blockchains, including Polygon, Optimism, Binance Smart, and Arbitrum. However, it does not support the Avalanche Subnets, the only exception among all EVM-compatible blockchains.

But in the MetaMask vs. Coinbase wallet, it is MetaMask has better blockchain support, supporting without any exception!

  • Security
MetaMask vs Coinbase wallet security
MetaMask vs Coinbase wallet security

Each MetaMask and Coinbase crypto wallet has different approaches to security terms and preventing abuse.
Coinbase is responsible for saving users’ private keys, which means they are responsible for the security of funds.

MetaMask, on the other hand, is doing this and vice versa; it gives the control and saving ability of the private key to the users, which means it saves it in the users’ local devices.

MetaMask and Coinbase are very safe, so you do not need to worry about safety; however, despite how it looks, using the MetaMask crypto wallet can be safer on many sides.

Its decentralized nature makes it more immune, but it is also important to note that you should take care of your private keys and funds.

In case you include the ones who care about safety and blockchains, MetaMask is better.

Coinbase wallet vs MetaMask

Back to the main question, which will win the MetaMask vs Coinbase wallet battle?
Each has its goodness, making it hard to pick one. In this article, you have observed their differences in many aspects, and that is all we can help you answer the question.

Metamask vs Coinbase wallet

In conclusion, you are the only person who can determine better. However, it’s good to know Coinbase has a more intuitive user interface, making it an ideal option for novices.

On the other hand, the MetaMask browser extension format is more convenient; that’s why only you can judge based on your situation regarding MetaMask vs. Coinbase wallet.

Considering the descriptions, which one do you prefer? And why? Which part do you think was the best?
Feel free to comment and share your ideas and experiences about “What is better MetaMask or Coinbase wallet for trade NFTs?” to help social awareness!

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