Best indicator on tradingview (2024 signals)

It is good to know that among traders, technical analysis index or indicator tradingview is one of the most popular tools. It is necessary to know the most appropriate trade indicator and how it works to make a better deal.

You can use the indicators in this paper and your technical analysis to go on with your decision.

Although we talk about the existence of various oscillators and indicators on the Tradingview website, in the leading article, our goal is to introduce and examine the most efficient and best signal indicator Tradingview, for day trading.

Best indicators on tradingview

The Technical Rating indicator is the best TradingView for discovering entry and exit signals in trades, which uses 11 different technical indicators. Blue bars are long signals, and red bars are short signals.

Technical Rating indicator combines technical signals of moving averages and oscillators. Among them:

Moving average, Ichimoku cloud, Stochastic, Commodity Channel Index, Average Directional Index, Awesome Oscillator, Bulls, and Bears Power, Ultimate Oscillator Momentum, MACD, and Williams Percent Range.

Adding the Technical Ratings indicator as a histogram below the price chart lets you see how the price performs based on 11 different indicators.

You can also change the time interval in the settings section to change the sensitivity.

The table on the bottom right of the chart, which shows the buy and sell status of the oscillator and moving average signals in the short, medium, and long term, can be very useful.

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Tradingview best indicators for day trading

Best tradingview indicators
Best tradingview indicators

1-Volume Profile HD indicator

The best indicator TradingView for analyzing supply and demand is the Volume Profile HD indicator.

By setting the time frame to smaller time intervals (such as 5 minutes), you can see the status of the trading volume in each time interval. This is a unique and powerful volume indicator.

This indicator TradingView allows traders to analyze trading volume at a specific price level and identify strong buying and selling areas.

Volume Profile shows you the total volume traded at each price level in a given period. So, it helps you make more informed decisions when trading.


The VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) indicator is the best indicator TradingView to check the trading volume (How to Tradingview leverage paper trading?). This indicator provides traders with a powerful tool to identify entry and exit points based on trading activity.

It compares the price and volume of trades over a certain period and enables traders to easily identify their entry and exit points.

VWAP helps traders analyze support and resistance levels and supply and demand that may not be apparent on a regular chart.

This indicator is especially useful for daily analysis Because it can show the general trend of the period.


The best indicator TradingView for checking price momentum is the RSI indicator. This indicator measures an asset’s recent price changes to determine whether the asset is overbought or oversold.

The RSI compares the amount of an asset’s gain over a given period to its loss and presents the result as an oscillator.

RSI ranges from 0 to 100. An RSI above 70 indicates an asset is overbought, while values below 30 indicate that the asset is oversold.

The RSI helps traders enter (or exit) trades when combined with other indicators. This indicator also provides valuable information about the direction of price movement.

The most popular indicator on tradingview 2024

popular indicator on tradingview


Below, we will introduce examples of the best indicator TradingView in 2024 for better trading in Forex trading legal or crypto trading.

1- Relative Strength Index or RSI

This indicator determines the bullish or bearish trend. For example, RSI determines the limits of assets based on their score. By doing this, it considers overbought for scores over 70 and oversold for scores less than 30. You can trust the RSI results if you want to know about the crypto price momentum.


Professional traders have confidence in the MACD oscillator or the Moving Average Convergence Divergence, which is introduced with the full name of Moving Average Convergence Divergence. The mentioned indicator prepares comparison points for you between two moving averages.

You can determine whether the market sentiment is continuing or declining by examining the relationship between the two moving averages shown by the MACD.

Best Indicator tradingview

TradingView is one of the best technical analysis and charting tools many financial market participants use. Note that the collection of price indicators by each indicator TradingView is done with the help of different parameters.

Therefore, you can draw the common pattern as the most appropriate strategy to improve your price trend predictions. For this, you should compare various solutions and combine them.

On this website, you will come across a wide range of indices and indicators that you can use during technical analysis. In this article, we introduce you to the best trading view indicators. Now it’s your turn to see which indicator combination you prefer. Share your opinion with us.


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