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The metaverse movie list is a list of movies that are deeply connected with the metaverse, containing the last movies to be produced in 2022. These movies include action, romance, and even comedy genres.

From the top of our list to the last movie, we did our best to make a list covering all the metaverse aspects. Here is the list of metaverse movies that will guide you in understanding the term metaverse from a broader waypoint.

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Best Metaverse movie list

ready player one

Perhaps the clearest image we’ve seen of the metaverse, which we have seen in cinema, is represented in the “ready player one” movie so far. The movie is based on a novel of the same name and futuristically depicts the world in fine detail. The movie’s actors are often avatars; half of it is made in the real world, and the other half is made in an imaginary world called Olypse (metaverse).

This movie, which is first on our metaverse movie list, is about the people trying to take over the world of Olypse. The creator of this imaginary world, James Holiday,

ready player one
ready player one

has tried to hand over the world of Olypse to the most qualified person by designing a strange, three-stage game after his death. Everyone must compete to obtain three keys of the game, hidden in three different stages.

A deadly competition that has involved all the people in the world.

Perhaps for some of us, it is still incomprehensible how we might be able to use all our senses in the turbulent world.  Player number one will solve all these questions and uncertainties for us. In this movie, we will see how VR glasses can change the shape and icon of our world and provide our means of travel to an imaginary world.

The most accurate features that have ever succeeded in cinema, portraying the world of the metaverse, are depicted in the Player Number One movie. Go to Ready Player One (2018) – IMDB for more information about the movie.

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The Matrix

The second movie on our top metaverse movie list is The Matrix. The popular Matrix trilogy needs no introduction. Sci-fi movie has become one of cinema’s most popular action movies. This year, after nearly ten years, the fourth episode of The Matrix was published, which had many negative reviews.

The Matrix
The Matrix

But in this article, rather than looking at the artistic nature of movies and criticizing them, we are looking to find the similarities of these movies with the concept of the metaverse. The most important feature of the Matrix is its similarity to computer games.

The Matrix is the name of an imaginary world. Presenting a complex philosophical story, The Matrix tries to distinguish between the real and imaginary worlds of the Matrix (Metaverse). The protagonist of The Matrix, Neo, is the first to discover complex coding that has trapped him in a world similar to a computer game.


Perhaps the clearest images that the movie displays are the presence of human robots. The movie, which premiered in 2015, is directed by Brad Bird and is based on the sci-fi genre.

At the time of the movie’s premiere, metaverse was not yet a concept, but after nearly 10 years, we see that all pictured in this science fiction movie is one step away from us. The movie is one of the best examples of portraying the concept of a metaverse in cinema.


The movie begins with Frank (George Clooney) and Casey (Brett Robertson), intending to send “dreamers” to the imaginary world of tomorrow to change the fate of mankind. But before we realize who they’re talking to, the story recalls Frank’s childhood.

As a young boy, he attends a patenting festival to unveil his flying car. But before his inefficient invention shatters his dreams, he meets a little girl who gifts her a brooch. A brooch that allows him to enter the strange world of the future.


The last movie on our Metaverse movie list is Free-guy. The story follows a bank agent who lives a routine. Only one small difference in his life: he is an NPC or an unplayable character in a video game! As the movie continues, we notice differences between this NPC and other game’s NPCs that shape the storyline.

The video game in the Free Guy movie resembles the GTA video game. For gamers, Free Guy can be considered the best Metaverse movie, and it is the funniest on our Metaverse movie list! For more information, go to METAFLIX – The future of movies in the Metaverse.



here we talked about the best Metaverse movies and the Metaverse movie lists. We started the topic with ready player one, about a multidimensional contest, and then we moved on to The Matrix and Tomorrowland with their story about other worlds.

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The last movie on our list is Free Guy, which narrates an NPS’s life in the Metaverse business

So far, many movies have been made in this genre that you can enjoy watching and learn more about the metaverse concept.

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