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Maybe you are stuck with your bad strategies and constantly losing money. Maybe you are a discord fanatic and want to use this platform for your success in trading. Either way, worry no more because we are here today with the best article about tradingview discord server, strategy, and bot on the internet.

By following our instructions and suggestions on which tradingview discord server or bot to choose, you can enhance your trading abilities and find yourself in a new trading situation where you can easily find any information regarding stocks or cryptocurrencies anytime you need them. These servers are here to send you information and help you choose the best strategy by letting you use their indicators.

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What are the cons and pros of a forex card?

Tradingview discord server

Discord is a website and smartphone application that enables text, audio, and video communication through “chat groups” or “servers” that a member of the community construct. There are many discord serves tagged with trading views.

They may use tradingview algorithms, or they might be servers for talking about trading. Here are a few popular ones that you can join and use in your trading strategies:

  • Lune Trading

Lune Trading offers Premium tradingview discord server Indicators, Algorithms, Strategies, Tools, and much more for all markets and time frames for traders and investors of all skill levels.

  • Trendmaster

Trendmaster is an advanced trend analysis tool designed by traders for traders. You can join their FREE tradingview discord server to access free live-stream lectures from professional traders and a trading-focused community driven by shared education.

  • Obsidian indicators

Join the Discord Server of Obsidian Indicators and Indicator Pro! Join a thriving online trading community specializing in stocks, options, and futures. They specialize in creating one-of-a-kind indicators and automated algorithms for Ninja Trader 8 and tradingview.

  • Futures4site

they are a crypto-based service provider establishing a community to help traders better comprehend the cryptocurrency world.

Now, let’s see how tradingview discord bots can change how you trade and make your day trading brighter.

Best tradingview strategy tester

Tradingview discord bot

Data is useful when it comes to finance. More significantly, reliable data is beneficial. When you need data quickly, changing between several apps and tabs takes seconds away from your trades, which can be unsettling. This is where Discord bots come in.

Discord bots are artificial intelligence (AI) that assist you in automating many of your financial demands, such as tickers, pricing, and percentage changes. Here are three of the best tradingview discord bots for cryptocurrency and stocks:

  • AssetX

If you’re an investor who wants to be connected and up to speed with cryptocurrencies, stock markets, and the latest news at all times, AssetX is one of the greatest financial and tradingview discord bots available.

You can look for companies or cryptocurrencies to view their current prices, day’s charts, changes in the day’s pricing, 24-hour highs and lows, and links to many credible sources that consumers can click on for more detailed statistics.

Depending on the AssetX bot’s success, the creators plan on developing a website with a dashboard for the bot in the near future.

  • Tradingview bot

This bot enables users to transfer real-time notifications, technical analysis indicators and news updates about stocks or cryptocurrencies in their discord server.

  •  AlgoTraderBot

This tradingview discord bot provides information about the market and does technical analysis using tradingview indicators based on the traders’ strategies.

These Crypto Trading Bots can help you have a clear vision of the market’s situation, and you can add them to your Discord account and use them to your advantage to make huge profits in your trades.

Tradingview paper trading

Tradingview strategy to discord

In order to automate any tradingview strategy to your discord, follow this tutorial:

1. First, we must set up a channel to our discord server.

Discord server and Set up a channel

2. Go to edit channel>integrations>create webhooks.

create webhooks

3. You can give it a new name if you want.

4. Copy the webhook URL and save the changes.

Copy webhook URL
Copy webhook URL

5. Go to tradingview and click on ‘’create alert’’.

 Tradingview create alert
Tradingview Create alert

6. In the new tab, check “webhook URL” and paste the URL that you copied before.

7. In order for Discord to receive the alert, it needs to be in a certain format. The format is JSON.

8. The massage structure should be like this: {“field1: “content”:” field2”: “content”}.

9. The first content should be a string. Here we have an example.

10. Click on Create.

Tradingview discord created
Tradingview discord created

11. that’s it. When tradingview triggers the alert, it automatically pops up on your discord.

If you want to add more fields to your JSON file, check here to learn how to write a JSON message.


Considering the ever-increasing growth and development of the cryptocurrency world and the emergence of new technologies, membership and participation in valid user communities, especially for beginners, can be helpful and useful.

Tradingview Discord is one of the best platforms to follow cryptocurrency groups and forums where you can find information and news related to cryptocurrencies and stocks and stay updated with the latest happenings in this fascinating space. In the above article, we introduced you to the tradingview discord server, strategy, and bot, where you can get help to learn and progress in cryptocurrency.

What do you think about these user communities? What are the best groups and strategies to get detailed information about cryptocurrency and the stock market? Do you know about ChatGPT Trading Bot?

Share your opinion with us.


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