Avalanche rpc url with rpc network setup guide

An Avalanche RPC URL is needed to add the avalanche network to your wallet. We are going to show you how to add them and how to find the best ones.

Avalanche RPC URL

Avalanche is an ecosystem of multiple networks designed to run smart contracts. The three networks include:

  • The Exchange Chain (X-Chain), is used for ordinary transactions.
  • The Platform Chain (P-Chain) for staking.
  • You’ll need to use the Contract Chain (C-Chain) to interact with dapps.

HTTPS:// is the avalanche mainnet RPC URL. You can find all the avalanche RPC URLs by going to RPC Info. You can add the avalanche network to your wallet using these URLs. Here we will show you how to set up your avalanche network on Metamask.

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Avalanche RPC network setup

1-First go to your Metamask profile

Avalanche rpc network setup
Avalanche RPC network setup

2-Click on settings

3-Go to networks

Go to networks on Metamask
Go to networks on Metamask

4-Add network

Add Avalanche RPC network on Metamask
Add Avalanche RPC network on Metamask

5-Fill in the blank by using the following information

  • Name: avalanche
  • Avalanche RPC URL:
  • Chain ID:43114

6-Save the settings

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Avalanche is a platform for smart contracts and the development of decentralized programs that focus on scalability. The three X-Chain, P-Chain, and C-Chain chains, as well as subnets, are important parts of the Avalanche platform that offer developers special features and APIs. Adding the avalanche RPC URL is an essential first step to interacting with Avalanche.

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