The best metaverse games to earn crypto

Metaverse games to earn crypto are provided by Metaverse, which enables users and players to profit through playing games. Players have long used video games to relax after a demanding day at work or school. For most, the sport also serves as a platform for immersive art and narrative.

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However, it is impossible to transform your time playing a single game into real-world money unless your skill level is at or above 99.9%. What if things were otherwise? Metaverse play-to-earn (P2E) games are a new type useful in this situation.

Players now can claim actual ownership of their in-game assets, which P2E game producers mint as NFTs on the blockchain, thanks to NFT-driven P2E games, commonly referred to as “crypto games.”

The best metaverse games
The best metaverse games

Although they perform nearly identically to their conventional equivalents, having in-game assets made of NFTs and in-game money that can be used as crypto opens up a world of opportunities for the gamer. Thus, this article lists the best metaverse games to earn crypto.

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Metaverse games crypto-list

The concept of the metaverse business is not brand-new. This virtual world has become a reality thanks to several historical strategies. But what is gaming in the metaverse?

This concept of extending daily activities outside the real world encompasses virtual settings, where you may play your favorite games using a virtual avatar. We are making a seamless connection between the physical and digital worlds.

The experience the metaverse promises to virtual reality users is a significant advancement. As a result of the ability to access real-world experiences in a virtual environment, the connection between hardware, software, and people is becoming more tangible.

Metaverse games crypto list
Metaverse games crypto-list

Experts believe that this virtual space, which is very scalable, will be the next big step following important innovations like the Internet and cell phones. The industry that seems to dominate nowadays is video gaming.

Metaverse games to earn crypto are the remedies for this issue. It has many potential outcomes, though it is hard to estimate how far it may develop. Hence, a list of metaverse games to earn crypto has been listed in the table below:

NO.Metaverse GamesSymbol
2The Sandbox GameSAND
5UFO GamingUFO
6Vulcan ForgedPYR
8Star AtlasATLAS
13Blockchain Monster HuntBCMC
15Ember SwordEMBER

Games that let you earn crypto

The best metaverse games to earn crypto are as follows:

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1. Ethlas Metaverse

Players in the free-to-play metaverse Ethlas can make money as they play. Its mission is to make joy accessible to everyone, to be the bridge that brings the following billion people into the blockchain metaverse. If you’re still seeking casual, engaging, and free crypto games to play and win, check out the selection on Ethlas’s gaming site.

Ethlas Metaverse
Ethlas Metaverse

As a player, you won’t need to make any upfront investments. You could perhaps already possess the abilities required for these games. Why not play them on Ethlas to start earning gems, which are money, if you enjoy famous games like Wordle, Candy Crush, and Flappy Bird?

We promise you’ll like our games, whether they’re puzzle or arcade-style.

2. The Sandbox Game

A community-driven platform called The Sandbox lets you play, create, possess, and care for a digital plot of land. With The Sandbox Game, as in any other sand game, you may do whatever you want if you control that piece of LAND.

3. Decentraland

The MANA coin is another cryptocurrency that has recently grown and made notable progress. The first entirely decentralized planet is called Decentraland. It is similar to The Sandbox Game in that you may interact, build, explore, and do many other things.


4. Illuvium

A blockchain-based open-world role-playing game is called Illuvium. You may traverse the game’s vast world and hunt down powerful creatures called “Illuvials.” Despite not being launched, the game will have a $100 million current worth and rank among the Top 10 Metaverse Games to Play to Earn.

Although the Illuvium playing experience has thus far been nothing short of fantastic, the makers have shown examples of it. It has excellent graphics, a lively environment, and smooth gameplay. If Illuvium is indeed so good, time will probably tell. However, if the samples represent the final product, it may be the best metaverse game.

5. UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming is a further Metaverse company to watch in 2022. Each planet in the metaverse serves as a metaphor for a distinct game. The game model will be used universally.

UFO Gaming
UFO Gaming

They released their first video game under the name Super Galactic. This free-to-play game has quests, contests, and PVP combat styles. A breeding and commerce network and an NFT marketplace for goods, weapons, and avatars are also included. More games from UFO Gaming ought to be released in the future.

6. Vulcan Forged

Another component of the metaverse is the game collection Vulcan Forged. Vulcan Verse, Forge Arena, Berserk, and Blockbabies may all now be played. Nevertheless, Block Babies, Coddle Pets, Geocats, and Agora are the following four under development.

Each game has unique playability and a set of NFTs that may be bought, sold, or traded online. Vulcan Forged is the world’s most significant blockchain gaming and decentralized application platform. It is one of the metaverse’s most advanced gaming corporations. Some of the best pairings that the metaverse has to offer can be produced by it.

7. Mobox

Technically, Mobox is a free app where playing can earn you rewards. It combines gaming and DeFi to build an environment that enables everyone to enjoy a single universe. With features like a worldwide market, NFT farming, and several games already available, the “MOMOverse” is expanding daily.


The MOMOverse has animated characters, MOMO NFTs, and a physical Blind Box that may be transported by scanning the associated QR code.

8. Star Atlas

Three sides to select from the unique space research strategy game Star Atlas. On this list, this is the first Metaverse application that was mostly built on the Solana blockchain technology.

Even though the game is still being developed, it has already become one of the most widely used virtual world programs on the Solana network. You may expect excellent visuals because Unreal Engine 5 powers the game. Take over numerous nations while exploring the galaxy’s depths. In addition, Star Atlas offers a unique gameplay experience that lets you and your friends explore several galaxies.

9. Polkacity

Like most video games on this list, Polkacity is a 3D, immersive platform for virtual reality. Additionally, it is the first NFT game and infrastructure to support several blockchains in 3D and AR.

Both the Ethereum and Binance blockchains are supported by Polkacity, which also offers a bridge that enables the transfer of POLC from Ethereum to Binance.

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10. Revomon

Like Axie Infinity, the Revomon game allows users to collect, breed, battle, and trade different Revomons. With the help of this Metaverse game, you may engage in an interactive virtual environment filled with different Revomons.


Best metaverse games factors to invest in

The following are things we consider while assessing gaming projects to invest in:

– Consistent project development throughout the long term
– A compelling use case that is backed up by research and test use
– A vibrant and dynamic online community
– A player base that is active and growing each month
– Regular updates to social media profiles on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms

Two critical differences in the “Metaverse” need to be understood to get aware of the best metaverse games to earn crypto. The term “Metaverse” may signify several different things. The “centralized” metaverse is the first, involving businesses like Facebook changing their name to Meta.

It is difficult to envision a scenario where Facebook and its partners do not have complete control over all aspects of the business, including user experience, cash flow, banned accounts, and essential strategic choices.

The “decentralized” metaverse, which includes several cryptocurrency initiatives like The Sandbox or Decentraland and ecosystems like Enjin, is an alternate kind. A single centralized organization with a controlling interest does not exist regarding ultimate authority, power, or economics.

Best metaverse games factors to invest in
Best metaverse games factors to invest in

Instead, each ecosystem’s general population is meant to have a voice in how the game or ecology develops. A decentralized metaverse may employ cryptocurrency tokens as the medium of exchange to purchase wearables, collectibles, and other NFTs. It is frequently possible to buy land, and it is up to the owner to develop an attraction or find a means to make money off it.

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Above is a list of the best metaverse games to earn crypto. In our opinion, these games will dominate the metaverse market by 2022 and will thus continue to thrive in the coming years. It is an undeniable fact that the metaverse is growing.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the best metaverse games to earn crypto will garner media attention in the following years. In addition, many of the most well-liked Metaverse apps are currently under development.

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