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Tron mainnet RPC URL Provided with all the necessary basic information. TRONIX is a MainNet, based on the TRON Protocol issued by TRON DAO Foundation, also known as TRX.

TRX is the unit of accounts on the TRON blockchain, defining the value of all other tokens. All TRC-based tokens, such as USC Coin, Shiba Inu, and Wrapped Bitcoin, use TRX as a natural medium currency.

With great application scenarios that power transactions and applications on the chain.

TRX interconnects the entire TRON ecosystem. TRON has an enormous transactions-per-second rate. While Bitcoin and Ethereum can handle up to 6 and 25 transactions per second, TRON claims that its network has a capacity for 2,000 transactions per second.

To compete with Ethereum, Tron mainnet RPC has ambitious plans to create a decentralized internet and a platform for smart contracts and decentralized apps.

TRON is a proof-of-stake coin, which means it comes with certain rights and privileges for individuals staking their currencies, such as voting rights.

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These members will vote during Tron’s elections, thus allowing them to voice in Tron’s decision-making process. For more exciting information about Tron mainnet RPC, join us until the end of the article.

Tron RPC network


TRON uses a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network structure; all nodes are considered equal. There are three types of nodes: SuperNode, Full Node, and Solidity Node.

SuperNode is responsible for producing blocks; Full Node synchronizes blocks and broadcasts transactions, while Solidity Node synchronizes solidified blocks.

Any device that deploys the Java-Tron code can join the  TRON mainnet RPC network as a node. TRON focuses on building the infrastructure for a decentralized web.

They share a mission with Ankr on decentralization and have built out a large ecosystem. TRON’s first-layer blockchain, DAO, DAppChain side chains, TRON Virtual Machine, and BitTorrent (a service to share files) are a few parts of this gigantic ecosystem.

Ankr, the Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure, is a blockchain-based cross-chain infrastructure based on the Defi platform that helps you stake cryptocurrency and develop dApp.

Ankr is now partnering with TRON, and as a part of their cooperation, Ankr’s TRON RPCs help you connect your wallet and dApp with the TRON blockchain.

By relaying on-chain information between nodes, d Apps, and end-users, Ankr’s TRON RPCs act as a messenger or blockchain router.


TRX, BTT, WIN, and SUN are TRON tokens, but they have been replicated on BSC as BEP20 tokens. The official Tron mainnet RPC (TRX token contract address) on Binance Smart Chain is:

Tron network RPC URL for trust wallet

Tron is natively supported on trust wallet. You can see the Tron network rpc url by going to

The Tron network RPC URL for the trust wallet is

Tron rpc node

Nodes in this tron rpc network are defined with specific tasks. The main node is the witness node of the senior representative. These nodes, known as SR full nodes, are responsible for confirming transactions and developing blocks.

A very specific and special algorithm has been designed to prove the stake in this node. The second node of the Tron network is the full node, which also appears in the role of issuing transactions and blocks.

Finally, the Solidity node is the query receiver of APIs and the synchronizer of definitive blocks.


API is short for an application programming interface. It is mostly utilized for client development and assists developers in designing their own token distribution platform.

Trons’ goal is to decentralize the web to become a platform for decentralized applications, peer-to-peer networks, and smart contracts.

Tron rpc url for metamask

Tron’s rpc URL for the meta mask is the same as the URL for the trust wallet which is

Tron mainnet RPC for Metamask

The TRON Wallet API (Application Programming Interface) is an RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) interface that retrieves balances, lists transactions, and creates and checks addresses. TRON uses Token-based authentication for transactions.

MetaMask is a JavaScript-based software that functions as a cryptocurrency wallet. It also injects a web3 object into the web page you’re on that adds more functionality to the website but does not alter the page in any other way.

This functionality makes it possible for users to access the Ethereum platform.

This feature allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can be used to interact with decentralized applications.

Two Main advantages of Metamask that make it so attractive are Open-source software (which can constantly be updated and improved by the community.

The MetaMask code is available online for free and publically accessible) and an Easy-to-use interface (The simplicity of the wallet even attracts newbies for making cryptocurrency transactions).

MetaMask is relatively safe to use. Indeed, there have not been any major hacking incidents on MetaMask.

It is supported by deterministic settings and a large community of users and developers who constantly review and update their source code.

However, it would help to be careful with many financial transactions elsewhere. The biggest concern is a hot wallet (connected to the internet). This makes it vulnerable to theft, hacking, and phishing attacks.

Metamask is a browser wallet. Although Metamask does not collect your information, browsers collect information about how and when you use the app. This may be a reason for some users to reconsider using Metamask.

Here, we have some privacy advice for those who want to use the Tron mainnet RPC for the Metamask wallet:

  1. Backup your secret recovery phrase

The only way to restore your account is through Your MetaMask recovery phrase, so keeping this 12-word recovery phrase safe is essential.

This 12-word recovery phrase is all that can help you get your accounts and assets back if you lose your accounts. (Metamask RPC error)

  1. Consider using a hardware wallet instead.

Hardware wallets are the safest wallets. You can always use these wallets to store your private keys.

  1. Don’t share your private key.

Anyone with access to your secret recovery phrase or your private key can access your wallet. Therefore, it doesn’t require further explanation as to why you shouldn’t share this information.

How to add the TRON network to Metamask

Here is a guide on Adding Tron mainnet RPC to your Metamask wallet. But before diving into that, let’s briefly review how to use meta masks in general (how to add localhost to Metamask).

How to use Metamask wallet

To use Metamask, you will need Chrome, a Chromium-based browser, or Firefox. First, you need to download and install the Official Metamask extension. We will use Chrome in this guide, but the steps are almost identical for other browsers.

1-First, go to your browser’s web store extension, search Metamask, and download and install it.


2-Then, click on the extension and select the “get started” button.


Note: You can create a wallet or open an already existing wallet.


4-Then click the “I Agree” button to allow data to be collected to help improve MetaMask, or click the “No, thanks” button.

After clicking on this option, you should see a request asking if you want to allow dapp to attach to your wallet.


5-Create a password for your wallet. This password should be entered every time the browser is launched and wants to use MetaMask.


6-Click on the dark area which says “Click here to reveal secret words” to get your secret phrase. Back up your secret phrase correctly. Store your secret phrase somewhere other than your computer.

If you lose your device, you can access your wallet through this 12-word phrase.


7-Here, you should click the buttons respective to the order of the words in your seed phrase. If done correctly, the Confirm button should turn blue.


8-Click the Confirm button, and the setup is complete.


9-To use Metamask to interact with a dapp or smart contract, you must click the “connect to wallet” button.

After clicking this, you should see a prompt asking whether you want to let the dapp connect to your wallet.


The wallet we created is now operating on Ethereum Main Net.

If you own some TRX, you may want to send it to your Metamask wallet. However, TRX has its native Tron blockchain, which can’t be directly added to your Metamask wallet.

You can only hold TRX on Metamask trc20 as the Binance-Peg TRX token, not Tron network tokens (TRX).

BNB Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network that supports smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). BSC runs alongside the BNB Chain (previously known as Binance Chain).


How to add Binance smart chain to Metamask?

1-To add the Binance Smart Chain network to your wallet, you need to do is to find “Networks” from the “Setting” section and click on “Add Network.”


2-In the next step, you should fill the boxes as follows:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChianID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:


And as you can see, Binance Smart Chain Network is added to your Metamask wallet.

How to add TRX to your Metamask wallet guide

The following is a 5-step guide on how to add TRX to your Metamask wallet:

1-The first thing you’ll need to do is to ensure that you are using the Binance Smart Chain on Metamask

2-Select Import Tokens, and then Import Custom Token.

guiguide-on-how-to-add-TRX to-your-Metamask-wallet

This is different from adding tokens to the Ethereum Mainnet where you can search for tokens such as MANA and SAND and add them automatically.

3-You can go to the TRX page in CoinMarketCap. You can use CoinMarketCap to obtain your contact address, like Tron mainnet RPC.

It is one of the most reliable websites about cryptocurrencies. There is a section called Contracts, where you’ll see the BSC contract for TRX.


4-Once you’ve copied the Contract Address, you can paste it into the Token Contract Address field in Metamask to Double-check if TRX is detected.


5-After selecting Add Custom Token, you must confirm importing TRX one more time. Once you’ve successfully imported TRX to your Metamask wallet, you should see it as one of your assets under the Binance Smart Chain.

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Tron mainnet RPC endpoint

Tron mainnet RPC is a network-specific address of a server process for RPCs like avalanche RPC URL etc.

Its actual name depends on the RPC protocol sequence. For example, for the NCACN_IP_TCP RPC protocol sequence, an RPC endpoint might be TCP port 1025.

To connect to a blockchain and retrieve data, you’ll need to connect to a node on the blockchain network. The latest state of the blockchain is stored on these nodes.

This is a URL to which blockchain data requests can be sent. Users who wish to download blockchain data can run a node themselves.

The other way is to connect to a publicly-provided node via the node’s RPC endpoint. An RPC endpoint acts as the node’s address: a URL to which requests for blockchain data can be sent.

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Tron mainnet RPC endpoints act as areas for developers to interface directly with the TRON chain. It is a portal to communicate efficiently.

And since there is no need to go through the DevOps to establish their TRON nodes, this communication will be anonymous.

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