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Speaking of cryptocurrency, having a professional charting platform seems pretty necessary; one of the most popular charting platforms is tradingveiw!

Did you know that there is a premium feature for it? How to use the Tradingview premium account generator? Is that even possible to use it for free in the first place?

What are the premium features that make it so special that people are looking for a way to access it for free?

In this article, you are going to learn everything about the Tradingview premium account, so bear with me, and let’s start this journey together.

Tradingview premium account username and password

Using another pre-premium account is one way that many of you might think of trying it; now, let’s see if it works for real!

Honestly, there are many accounts out there with usernames and passwords on various websites, but you cannot expect all of them to work, so even if you find one, it will take time.

Having a Tradingview premium account generator for free is what many people are chasing, as you expected, which means many Tradingview premium account usernames and passwords are occupied already.

The good point here is that this solution has no end; you can always search more for an account with premium features, especially if you consider yourself lucky!

If you are not in a rush, this is a very recommended way to try since no risk may threaten your privacy.

How to get Tradingview premium for free?

How to get Tradingview premium for free?

Now let’s go to the main part of the essay; here are several methods you can use to get a trading view premium account generator for free:

  • Broker integration

One interesting way is using the services provided by some online brokers, which can be included using the best indicators on tradingview, discounted premium Tradingview, or even Tradingview premium account generator for free.

Upstox is a popular online discount broker that can help you a lot on the road to getting a Tradingview premium account generator for free!

You can open a free account in Upstox and then use its various benefits afterward. Paying a small amount of money can even provide more advantages to you.

  • Free trial

One important note here is that if you are a novice in the marketing environment, you lack nothing in the free version of the tradingview!

Alternatively, you can check the different packages available in the tradingview; now, they might not be completely free, but at least they are extremely affordable.

The great news is that Tradingview is ready to give you a 30-day free trial, which means accessing to Tradingview premium account generator for free.

This is for those of you who are unsure about the whole paying and using the features of premium features like Tradingview discord, so then they would know what options they will have once they promote it.

This is a great way to deal with your curiosity and see what is going on the other side.

  • Educational account

Students and educators are one level more respected for Tradingview than typical people, which is why they can have Tradingview premium account generator for free, which is great.

Keep in mind that it might not include all the features available in the premium accounts, but it covers most of them, enough to distinguish their account from typical ones.

Here is an example: if you are not registered in the college yet but have an official email from that educational center, you might be valid for having one of these accounts!

All you need to do is send an application to the Tradingview website or contact the customer support team to elaborate on your situation.

Once they assure you about your identity, you can have a Tradingview premium account generator for free! For having a tradingview strategy tester or …!

  • Tradingview premium account

One of the greatest facts about Tradingview is that everyone can use it for free, and the premium merely means users have more options to ask for in the marketing world.

Now that you know the meaning of the Tradingview premium account generator, it is time to see if it is worth using it.

Many users feel satisfied with the free service of the Tradingview charting platform. Still, after a while, the app encourages the users through the ads and tempts them by giving them a limited premium option.

Summing up

Here is the last station of the essay; remember, accessing the Tradingview premium account generator for free is a challenge to overcome, so be patient.

After all, do you still think it is worth using it for free instead of paying its price? Which part of it do you think you will have a problem with? Do you know any other new method? Do you know about tradingview paper trading leverage?

You can always share a comment and fill us in on your ideas, comments, and, more importantly, questions, so do not keep us waiting any longer and join our lovely community.

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