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Web3 games market size is gaining growth day by day. Web3 is transforming the gaming industry through cutting-edge game features that utilize blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In several respects, it democratizes gaming and gives players greater chances to thrive.

This model is the first model that provides the players with this much power over a game. They may distribute that power over the entire ecosystem, as opposed to focusing it on just one game. Web3 gaming invents a brand-new game genre and permits the incorporation of our past.

Web3 is poised to defy convention, open up a whole new world of decentralization, and present new commercial prospects, expanding the market for web3 technology.

The web3 games market size is anticipated to increase by around $23.3 billion by 2028.

Thus, the extent of Web3 games market size arises as a question in users’ minds. To find out the information you need, read this article.

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Web3 Gaming Market

Web3 gaming is a decentralized gaming process in which any central authority is removed from the operations of a gaming ecosystem or gaming platform, especially the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making in all game-related areas.

In order to create Web3 games, blockchain technology has been used to let the players decide on the time and manner of playing games. By providing asset trading, tradeable game tokens, and chances for players to earn in cryptocurrencies while playing, Web3 gaming provides the groundwork for play-to-earn for users and transforms the pay-to-play component.

Web3 Gaming Market
Web3 Gaming Market

For the gaming business, Web3 gaming offers fair virtual marketplaces where gamers may access and completely control in-game digital assets. These particular resources are preserved as gaming NFTs. By connecting in-game assets and players across platforms, web3 gaming also offers extensive interoperability among multiple gaming environments.

The sort of blockchain platform used for creating a gaming ecosystem will affect interoperability. For example, the interoperability capability in cross-chain communication bridges is offered by Polka dot or Solana.

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Over the past two years, web3 gaming has undoubtedly revolutionized the gaming industry. Its expansion is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Web3 gaming is particularly alluring because, in contrast to traditional gaming, it opens up game businesses and economic models that are advantageous to everyone.

Players, investors, developers, and game designers have the ability to participate in the value produced through their involvement, contributions, and roles in gaming ideas that frequently give incentives in the form of cryptocurrency and in-game awards.

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Web3 Games Market Size

A report claims that since August 1, 2022, projects for the Metaverse and Web3-based gaming have raised $748 million. Compared to July, this represented a 135% rise in Web3 games market size. This further demonstrates the increasing need for this specific industry.

Web3 Games Market Size
Web3 Games Market Size

Additionally, money keeps flowing on this platform. Expectations for this year’s expanding industry’s overall investment volume increased by 20% to $10.2 billion, enhancing the Web3 games market size. One of the largest Web3 prospects in history, in our opinion, is gaming. The whole addressable market will be significantly larger than it is today, with in-game merchandise accounting for $100 billion of that total.

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Blockchain Gaming Market Size, 2022

Gaming on blockchains might have an $8 trillion industry, according to Wall Street behemoth Morgan Stanley. Additionally, according to a report for May 2022, blockchain gaming activity is still increasing by 197% year over year. In all honesty, this makes the cryptocurrency gaming industry more robust.

In fact, the number of distinct active wallets (the equivalent of “users” in the crypto world), or those linked to wallets, in Q1 2022 was just 2% lower than the Q4 average in 2021. The industry drew around 900,000 distinct active wallets in June this year, making up 52% of all activity.

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Web3 gaming’s transition is a logical development. The sector of gaming is expanding quickly and has the potential to drive technical advancements. Thanks to the new technologies that result from this move to web3, gaming will be at the forefront of technological breakthroughs.

Web3 games transfer
Web3 games transfer

As it is evident, the Web3 gaming market size is also extending as time passes. Players and end users are also highly outspoken and obvious. To stay up with shifting situations, studios and developers must also be aware of their deliverables.

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In fact, you can use the current time as a chance and a great time of playing web3 or blockchain games. The opportunities are vast and will only grow as more businesses switch to web3.

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